Troubleshoot “Your Apple Id Has Been Disabled”

Apple has introduced a huge number of electronic gadgets with enormous features. Apple devices rule the Global technical market with exclusive quality devices. You find see an error message that your Apple id has been disabled. It may happen due to high security. But it is quite annoying at the same time. In that case, we would suggest you go through the article to find the procedure to enable the Apple Id. In case, you want an expert to solve the problem; you can contact us. Our technicians will help you accordingly.

Reasons Why The Apple Id Disabled

There can be several reasons for which the Apple id may get disabled. Likewise, if you enter the wrong password more than one time, the id may be disabled. To protect your account from hacking, Apple may disable your account. Again, if you are trying to log into your account after a long time, you may find the error as well. Apart from these, due to suspicious activity, you may get the problem as well.

How To Fix Apple id Has Been Disabled?

When you know the reasons, you can easily apply the perfect solution from the list. Otherwise, you can perform all of them one after another to find the ideal solution.

Solution 1: Reset The Password

  • First of all, you can reset your password to log into your account. In case you forget the password and put the wrong password for more than one time; Apple may lock your account for security reasons.
  • Go to the login page and find an option of Forgot password. Click on it and enter your id. Now select the option of resetting the password and continue with it. After that, you may face some security questions, answer them appropriately. Now you may receive a recovery mail with a rescue key. Use them accordingly.
  • Now, you have to perform a two-step authentication process. To do this, open Settings and navigate to iCloud. In the iCloud section, provide your name and all other details of your account. After that, put in your password in the Password and Security option. Now update the password with the help of the given instructions you may find on the screen.
  • After that verify the account with the two-step verification process. To check the account, enter the recovery key in the blank space. Now you will receive a security verification code. After receiving it, enter the code and create a new password. Re-enter the password again and confirm it to complete the process.
  • Finally, restart Mac to check whether the error exists or not.

Solution 2: Remove The iCloud Without Password

  • If your Apple id has been disabled, then you can resolve it by removing the iCloud without any password.
  • To remove it, at first, connect your iPhone with your computer and open the iMyFone Umate Pro iPhone Data Eraser.
  • Now, select the mode of erasing the deleted files. Then scan your system. After completing the scanning process, you may have a look at your erased data, like the call history, contacts messages, etc.
  • Now select only those data which you want to delete permanently and erase them. After completing the process, check if the error exists or not.

Connect With The Professionals

If the error exists still now, you need the help of a technician. You can contact our Apple Customer Service in this case. Our skilled technicians can fix your problem within minutes. Apart from these, if you want us to help you manually, you can call Apple Customer Service Number +1-855-729-1098 if your apple id has been disabled. We are available 24×7. Otherwise, you can send us an email at [email protected] We will reply to you quickly with the most effective solutions. However, to get an instant solution, avail our chat support facility and chat with us to resolve your Apple device glitches.