What and How to do If your Mac keyboard not Working?

Apple makes good quality keyboards that work perfectly with your Mac. But, once in a while when something goes wrong, you might also find your Mac keyboard not working. In some cases, a bunch of keys fails to register, while in other situations none of the keys work. The problem is not affecting only some particular models of Mac. It has caused trouble for all Mac users. Hence we are going to discuss in this article how you can fix this issue for both wired and wireless keyboards.

Why Mac Keyboard Not Working?

You can easily do Mac Keyboard not Working by trying out the following solutions:

To Fix a Wired Keyboard

1)Clean the keyboard

It is the primary and the easiest trick you can apply to fix the unresponsive keyboards. To do so, follow these suggested steps:

  1. Raise your Mac from the table and spray compressed air on in a left-to-right motion on the keyboard.
  2. Then, rotate your PC onto its right side and repeat the previous step.
  3. Again, rotate it onto its left side and use the same trick. It will remove bits of debris that has accumulated on your Mac keyboard.

2)Check for Updates

The keyboard may stop working due to outdated firmware, drivers or Operating System. Hence, open the App Store on your Mac and click on the ‘Updates’ icon. You will come to know about the pending updates. If an or many updates are pending, then click on the ‘Update’ or ‘Update All’ button to install them on your PC. Alternatively, you can go to ‘System Preferences,’ select ‘App Store’ and check the updates automatically.

3)Delete the Recent Apps

The apps might conflict with the keyboard and force it to stop working. If the problem is occurring after downloading a new app, then you will need to uninstall that application. Select the specified app/apps and uninstall them manually. If the keyboard remains unresponsive, then reinstall the app/apps.

We have explained below two more instances to simplify the uninstallation process.

4)Use the Launchpad or Finder to Delete the problematic Apps

Tap the ‘Launchpad’ icon, select the particular app and hit the ‘Delete’ button. Or else, you can locate the ‘Finder’ on ‘Applications’ of your Mac. Chose the app and drag it from the Applications to the Trash folder. For permanent removal of the app, open Finder, highlight the app and select Empty Trash.

5)Verify the Connection

If the whole keyboard has become non-functional, then ensure that you have correctly plugged it into your Mac. In addition, check that the USB ports at the back of your Mac are not damaged. You can try a different USB port to removes the possibility that the USB ports are faulty.

6)Restart your Mac

If you reboot your Mac, then it might try to recognize the keyboard. If there is more than one account, then log out of your user account for logging with another one. To do that, click on the Apple logo located at the top left of your Mac’s display. Choose the ‘Log Out’ option and select another account to log in.

To Fix a Wireless Keyboard

1)Inspect the Power to Fix Mac Keyboard not Working

At first, press the Power button at the right-hand side of the Mac wireless keyboard. A green light appears to indicate that the keyboard is turned on. Connect your Mac to a power outlet and make sure that the batteries are charging. If the batteries aren’t charging, then remove the back cover of your Mac. Gently take out the batteries and replace them with the correct ones. Keep spare batteries in hand as batteries in wireless keyboard do not last long.

2)Check the Bluetooth connection

A wireless Mac keyboard stops working due to a disabled bluetooth connection. Hence go to System Preferences and select Bluetooth to ensure that it is activated. Otherwise, you will need to turn on the Bluetooth. Then, launch ‘Devices’ and locate your device. You will find your device if it is paired with your Mac. If this is not the case, then reconnect your device with Mac. If this is not the case, then reconnect your device with Mac. Mac keyboard will resume its working if the problem lies with the bluetooth itself.

3)Reset your Mac to Fix Mac Keyboard not Working

Navigate to ‘System Preferences’ and open ‘Mouse and Trackpad’ under the ‘Accessibility’ menu. Then uncheck the ‘Enable Mouse Keys’ box as it might stop the working of several keys. Tap ‘keyboard’ on the left sidebar of the screen and uncheck the ‘Enable slow key’ box. Disconnect external USB devices as they have the probability to make the keyboard unresponsive. Now, press and hold the Power button until a new dialog box pops up. Then, press the ‘Restart’ button to reset your Mac.

Get in Touch for Additional Support

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