What to do if your iPad won’t charge?

iPad won’t charge is one of the major problems that hamper the entire working principles of iPad. Moreover, the device can be useless without charging and this severe issue becomes very critical if it is happening for a long period of time.

However, we are going to give some of the effective tips to fix this problem easily.

Resolve the iPad Won’t Charge Problem with Simple Hacks:

Here, we are going to discuss some of the proven troubleshooting steps to overcome the iPad not charging issue.

So, if you are not aware of them, you can simply follow the steps below to fix iPad won’t charge.

Force a restart

It is a temporary solution to avoid the iPad not charging issue immediately. So, you can restart this Apple device forcefully and fix the issue momentarily.

  1. First, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button from the right edge of your iPad device. In some of the devices, you can find the Wake button at the top of the device.
  2. Now, without releasing the Sleep/Wake button, press the Home button and hold it until the screen turns off.
  3. Now, release those buttons after the screen turns back and displays the Apple logo on the screen. 
  4. Finally, try to connect the iPad with the adapter and check the iPad won’t charge the issue still appears or not.

Check the Cable Connection and Fix Port Problem

You might verify whether the adapter cable is defective or not. If the cables and wires are found as broken or any fault occurs, then change it immediately. Moreover, replace it with a new adapter.

If the port is damaged, then you can see that the charger indicator is still unresponsive even after connecting the device to the adapter. Sometimes, the presence of dirt inside the port creates a connection issue and then you need to clean the debris from the port. 

Next, you might check the port with another adapter whether it is responding or not. If no response comes, then repair the port as soon as possible. 

Inspect the Charger Block

Sometimes, the charger itself is a culprit for creating the iPad charging issue. Moreover, you can’t fix the error without replacing the charger. Remember, all the chargers of Apple are created with equal power but others may not. So, replace it with a new Apple-certified charger and try to connect the charger to that port to verify the charging issue got resolved or not. 

Update the iOS to Fix iPad Won’t Charge

To install the Apple device with the latest version, you can fix the iPad not charging issue and keep your device free from unnecessary hassle. 

Now, do the following:

  1. Go to the Settings menu from the iPad gallery and launch the Settings window.
  2. After that, click on the General tab from that window and go to the Software Update section from a list of items.
  3. Now, hit the Update button and let it upgrade to the latest version.
  4. Wait until the process is finished and when done, reboot the iPad successfully.
  5. Finally, connect the device to the Apple charger and verify whether the same issue still persists or not. 

Restore via iTunes

The iPad not charging can be removed by running the iPhone restore program. In that case, you can utilize the method by using the iTunes app. This built-in feature helps to fix the charging problem permanently.

  1. First, connect your iPad to a Mac device or another Apple device. If no other Apple device is not available, then you can use the Windows PC via a 30-pin connector.
  2. Now, turn on the iTunes feature app from your Mac device and click on the Device tab from the left corner of the device. 
  3. After that, click on the Backup option and let it restore the important data from your device.
  4. Next, wait until the backup process is finished and tap on the Restore to start to retrieve the data. The program will take several time to complete the entire data retrieval program.
  5. Finally, try to connect the adapter to the iPad and check whether it is charging or not.

Sum it Up…

In this article, we have tried to define the various solutions to get rid of the iPad won’t charge issues very quickly. 

We have focused on the significant reasons that are responsible for making this critical error. 

We hope, this content will help you a lot to resolve this annoying issue effectively and might consult with a technical support team for further help.