What is the Reason when iMac Shuts Down Randomly

Nowadays, a majority of iMac users are facing the problem of random shutdowns of their Mac devices. According to Apple Support technicians, there can be both hardware as well as software issues due to which iMac shuts down randomly. Sometimes, the problem can be with the power switch of your iMac device, which can be the core issue. However, there can be other hardware problems including a damaged motherboard, processor unit or any other iMac component. In case of software, if you are using an outdated version of iMac OS, it can lead to abrupt shutting down of your device. Hence, in order to troubleshoot this Apple error, you need to understand the causes and technical steps to resolve uncertain iMac shutdowns.

In this article, you can learn about some possible techniques that are highly recommended by professionals who offer exclusive Apple Customer Support. So, let’s begin this content along with the prerequisites that you need to apply before fixing your issues.

Proactive steps to follow when iMac shuts down randomly

As soon as iMac randomly shuts down without any specific symptoms or any prior warning, it can lead to some major problems including data loss. Before applying any troubleshooting solution, you can reboot your system immediately after a random shut down occurs. Then allow your device to restart on its own and then try some techniques to recover data while its on. In order to save your valuable data on your device, you can try the following tips.

  • You need to hold the Command-Shift-Option-Escape buttons on Mac to force termination of the non-responsive applications. Often, it is seen that a troublesome program or a startup item is the reason why iMac keeps shutting down. So, you can simply press these buttons for quitting the applications forcefully.
  • Go to the Apple menu and select the tab for ‘Sleep’ to keep your Mac device in sleeping mode. This is another feasible way to handle when iMac shuts down randomly.
  • You can also press the ‘Restart’ tab from the Apple menu and initiate rebooting of your Mac. Often, the step of restarting can help to prevent the impact on iMac due to sudden shutdown.
  • Simply navigate the Apple menu and click on the Shutdown option from the list of options. It will help the device to switch off with a proper sequence of steps and processor operation.
  • In case, Mac shuts down randomly even after trying all these tips, you can force shutdown iMac by pressing and holding the power button for about 10-20 seconds. However, there is a risk of deleting all your files on your iMac based device.

Further, if you want to restore the lost files on iMac, you can try installing a data recovery software. Otherwise, you can get in touch with a reliable professional to provide you with top-class Apple Support.

What to do when iMac randomly shuts down

If iMac shutting down randomly, you can try any of the methods covered below to resolve this issue. Otherwise, you can also contact our iMac support team for effective Apple Customer Support.

1. Update macOS to its latest version

According to many users and Apple support executives, you can resolve this abrupt shutdown issue by applying recent macOS updates. For trying this method, you need to visit the website having the link developer.apple.com.

Then go to ‘Develop’ tab and then hit the option for ‘Downloads’. Next, you will have to log into your Apple’s developer account and find the ‘Download’ button for latest macOS version.

Once, you locate the firmware for Mac, download the file using proper username and password while creating your developer profile. You will have to click on the ‘Redeem’ button for downloading the beta. Finally, check if iMac shuts down randomly even after updating Mac.

2. Reset System Management Controller (SMC)

If iMac keeps shutting down on applying the above method, you can try the following steps for resetting SMC.

  1. Press the Shutdown button on Mac and insert MagSafe/USB-C power adapter in both iMac devices as well as power supply. Then hit Shift+Control+Option along with power button simultaneously. Finally, release all the buttons and switch on Mac.
  2. Then remove the power cable attached to your device and wait for approximately 15 to 20 seconds and plug the power cord back into its socket on Mac. After waiting for around 5-10 seconds, hold and press the power button for turning on your iMac.

Affordable Apple Support from iMac professionals

Even if after trying the technical hacks discussed in this article your iMac shuts down randomly, you can contact our experts. We give Apple Support, especially if there are shutdown problems in your iMac repeatedly. So, if you want professionals to address this error, we have the best experts from the industry to provide Mac solutions at a budget-friendly price. Hence, relieve your iMac from this shutting down problem and get in touch with our Apple Customer Support team instantly.