Why Apple Tv not connecting to WiFi? How to Solve?

One of the popular products from the house of Apple, Apple TV is creating a buzz. Once connected to the network, users can watch endless episodes on the digital media player. Though it is one of the best products at present, Apple TV not connecting to WiFi is a serious glitch. If you are facing a similar situation and wish to find quick solutions, this article will surely help you.

Reasons why my Apple TV won’t connect

Apple TV is a micro-console and can aid in transferring pics, videos, tunes from iPhones and iPads to the TV. But few glitches might stop this process from working. One of them is the connection issues that Apple TV often faces. The reason behind this problem can be due to the following causes. Though all these issues can be resolved, it is better to look for the symptoms initially.

  • One of the reasons why Apple TV not connecting to network is due to connection problem. If the internet speed is extremely slow or the server is down, the connectivity will be hampered.
  • Similarly, if the WiFi network is undergoing an internal problem, you are likely to face errors while connecting the iOS device with the television.
  • Error codes like 3905 can affect connectivity.
  • Compatibility troubles.
  • Hardware glitches in the iOS devices and the television set are also possible.

Fix Why Apple TV not connecting to Internet?

The sources of the problem can be many and with new advancements in the picture, further issues are cropping up. To assist you, we bring a few solutions that can eliminate the problem. Just in case the trouble makes a comeback, simply follow the last section.

Quick Fix 1: Checking the Wi-Fi Connection

As the initial step, check the internet connection on the iOS device you have and the Apple TV. Make sure other devices if connected, are deactivated. Otherwise, it will interfere with the TV interface. Other than that, check that the following items are not used for the connection.

  1. Wireless headsets
  2. Microwave ovens
  3. Metal dividers
  4. Cordless phones
  5. Chrome faceplates

  If these items are not creating the problem, check the next solution.

Quick Fix 2: Checking Router Settings and Using Restart Procedure

Connecting Apple TV to WiFi can be done by restarting the machine. For this method to work, switch on your Apple TV menu and move directly to the Settings panel. Then, move to the general settings and push the Restart button. Follow the same procedure for the router. Once the Settings are checked, the problem will vanish.

Quick Fix 3: Upgrading all the Components

Upgrading the system helps to fix most error codes and improves compatibility and overall performance. To start with, first, upgrade the firmware of the wireless router. Move to the router settings and sign in to the administrator console. Then, navigate the firmware section under that page. Then, follow the process of downloading and installing the firmware.

Once that process is over, move to the Apple TV set software.

  • Just like the firmware update process, switch on the Apple TV and navigate to the Settings section.
  • Then, choose the software for upgrading.

It will take a few seconds before the process finishes. So, have patience.

Quick Fix 4: Rechanging Security Mechanisms of your Wireless Router

  1. Log in to the Router Settings using the correct password.
  2. The MAC address must be filtered.
  3. Now, move to the general settings and check the vital information about your Apple product.
  4. Collect the MAC address and add it to the router list. Otherwise, check whether the router settings are attached to WEP.  If that is the case, choose either WPA or WPA2.
  5. Meanwhile, disable internet security for the time being. Now, see whether the device can connect.

Quick Fix 5: Using the Ethernet Cord

If none of the methods work, use the ethernet cable for connecting the WiFi with your Apple product. Just make sure, the ports are correctly plugged in.

Resolve Apple TV won’t connect with Apple Support

The solutions stated before work most of the time but the reverse can also happen. If you find several error popups appearing on your television set, seek help from us. We provide Apple Customer Support at affordable rates. Our services serve the purpose of resolving glitches resulting in internet issues. Besides that, we also specialize in other troubles that appear in iDevices. So, select us for fixing your Apple TV. Besides that, you can join us through email and live chat portal. We are actively listening to you 24*7 so connect at your convenience.