What to do if your Apple Mouse Not Working

Wireless mouse is an eye-catching feature of Mac users. This has increased the speed of the work since this is more convenient and simpler. Being portable, it helps the users to handle it carefully because there are no wires. Despite the utility and benefits, users often complain that Apple mouse not working. This problem can crop up from various sources. But with this article, you will be able to solve it without any complication.

Apple Mouse not Working: Probable Reasons

Though Apple mouse works flawlessly, at times due to certain technical glitches it stops working. You are likely to encounter a problem if the scroll keys do not respond to the system. The arrow key on the screen may disappear. Furthermore, Apple magic mouse not working may occur if it is not connected to your Mac OS. To summarize-

  1. There can be severe conflicts with the driver or software due to which the mouse stops responding.
  2. System changes like reconfiguration may not recognize the mouse and as a result, the cursor may freeze.
  3. The issue with the magic mouse not connected may appear due to the Bluetooth button. If it is turned off, the Mac OS will be unable to identify the mouse. Similarly, subtle alterations in the Bluetooth system can affect the performance of the inbuilt touch system.
  4. In case you are using the second generation of the magic mouse, issues with the USB cord can freeze the cursor for several seconds.
  5. Battery trouble is another area of concern. Often users have raised queries about the battery life of Apple mouse.
  6. In connection to the above point, heat, moisture, and dust can stop the scrolling key from working temporarily. Sometimes, sudden power cuts can disconnect the mouse from the system powerhouse.

Whatever the case may be, you will find that the key is not working. The system interface will fail to understand the mouse clicks. But there are some simple solutions to ease your queries.

Eliminate Apple Mouse Right Click not Working with these Solutions

There can acute problems with the system for which the Apple device is not recognized. But with these simple solutions, you can eliminate the cursor issue. However, if errors keep on occurring, you can connect with Apple Customer Support team anytime.

Solution 1

As the first hack, you can increase the battery life by wrapping it with an aluminum foil. Cut it into a square shape and wrap it around it. This hack can fix bluetooth issues and can strengthen the touch feature. If the problem with the disconnection persists, try the next solution.

Solution 2

Use a piece of paper around the edge of the battery. First, open the Apple mouse battery cover and put the paper on its top. Then cut off excess and insert it along with the battery in the magic mouse. The paper acts as an insulator between the battery and the cover shield.

Solution 3 to Fix Apple Mouse not Working

Since Apple Wireless Mouse not Scrolling is related to glitches in the Bluetooth system, resetting it can handle the situation. As the first method, you can move to the System Preference and tap on the Bluetooth button and turn it off if it was on. You can also apply the reverse procedure. You can carry out the reconfiguration process by activating the Bluetooth menu. Press the Shift and Options icons to open the menu. Then search for the hidden options and items. Now choose the Debug category and tap on the operation ‘Remove all devices’. Click on the Shift and the Options key again and choose the Debug button for resetting the Bluetooth module.

Solution 4 to Fix Apple Mouse not Working

As an alternative, you can disconnect the magic mouse from your Mac. After a while try reconnecting it to your OS. You can also change the USB cord of the device. But that will require a professional’s interference.

Trusted help by your side

No matter how you work, you cannot do without a mouse. Every click on the screen is done through this device. But some technical glitches like connectivity issues, booting procedures can freeze the cursor for few seconds. Hope the solutions stated above will eliminate Apple mouse related troubles. In case the error keeps on occurring, seek help from Apple Customer Support team. Our technicians can help you out and make the system stronger. Choose the calling, emailing or chat option for quick solutions.