Know The Reasons To Reset Apple TV

Apple TV is a smart television application. We mainly use it for streaming movies and TV shows to your HDTV. You can borrow movies or stream your store from iTunes, stream movies and TV shows from many applications like Netflix and Hulu Plus. It shows several features but sometimes the Apple TV is not responding correctly, so in order to keep it working properly often you need to reset Apple TV. Apple TV is not like an original television set, it turns your normal television into a Smart TV.

There are several procedures to reset Apple TV but not all of them are equally efficient. So, if you have technical knowledge then you can follow the methods to resolve the issues regarding Apple TV otherwise you might be needing technical help. So, connect Apple Customer Support for easy solutions.

How And Why To Reset Apple TV

Keep in touch with us from now on, in order to detect the actual cause behind the issue. This will help you get rid of the Apple TV related problems quickly.

There can be various reasons after Reset Apple TV issues are as follow:

Apps Stop Working Or Crashing

Like all other normal android phones, things can go wrong even with your Apple TV apps. Sometimes the application lags or stops responding simultaneously. The best option is to simply close the application forcefully.

If you want to stop the application forcefully then you can do this by clicking on the force to close the application. Now, click on the TV or Home button for twice and swipe it left or right side in order to highlight the apps and swipe up on the touchpad of the Siri remote.

TV Is Not Turning On

As you are operating the Apple TV, if it won’t turn on at all, then, the first step you can do is to check with the main power source. Make sure that the connection is established properly between the system and the outlet. Often the video signal is reported as not displaying properly.

If the video signal isn’t displaying properly, then check the first thing you can do is to check the HDMI connection and the TV for the correct input. If everything is correctly plugged in then try to manage the output resolutions on the Apple TV. To do so, hold the Menu button and the Down Volume button on the Siri remote controller for the next ten seconds.

Siri Remote Not Working Properly

If the Siri is not working properly, try to charge it through the Lightning port along with the bottom edge of the remote. You can also verify the charge level on the Apple TV by visiting Remotes & Devices section.

Well, if the remote controller doesn’t work correctly then, try resetting the remote by converting it into a pairing mode. You can simply hold the remote near to the Apple TV and hold the Menu and Volume Up or “+” buttons for five seconds.

Audio isn’t playing

Sometimes, without any notice, the audio will cut out on your Apple TV. Clearly, this will depend upon the system setup and settings. If the same issues you are facing, then try to restart the TV and any other audio hardware attached to the Apple TV. We can consider Soundbar as an example.

Keep one thing in your mind that the audio settings are correct setup. To do this you can follow the steps:

First, choose settings then Audio and finally Video and make sure that the speakers that are attached are in proper Audio Output and Audio Mode.

Out Of Storage Issues

If you install many applications on your Apple TV then the storage space may be full. The actual solution is to remove the unused applications and games from your device. Additionally, if you follow the steps then you can easily get rid of the issue:

  • Choose the apps that you want to remove from your device and press the icon until it shows the remove option
  • After that, press the Play or Pause option
  • Then choose the Delete option
  • Finally, select Delete option to remove the application permanently from your device

Avail Professional Support Immediately To Reset Apple TV

If you are still facing issues with your Apple TV and you don’t know “how to reset Apple TV?”, there is no need to worry about that. You can always contact the Apple Tech Support team whenever you are in urgent need of them. The Apple service executives are available 24*7 to provide you with best solutions instantly.

You can dial the Apple Support Number +1-855-729-1098 to talk to their professionals and get hassle-free solutions.

Besides, you can also drop an email to the Apple official email address [email protected] or chat with the Apple support team using the Live Chat Portal.