Effective Fixes For MacBook Charger Not Working

The charm of the MacBook is its ability to be transferred from one place to another. Many of us prefer laptops just because of its flexibility and portability. You can easily carry a MacBook to anywhere and use it anytime you want. But definitely, this device also requires proper charging to sustain itself. It ultimately makes no perception if it cannot get the fuel to work. That is why it becomes the torment to the users when the MacBook Charger Not Working.

This article will help you resolve and update the issues with MacBook pro not charging. Moreover, if you do not consider yourself tech-friendly then contact Apple Customer Service to get an expert guidance. But before going ahead, let us check some possibilities why we face charging issues.

Reasons Why MacBook Charger Not Working

Most often, the problem is with the electric circuit. The port gets bent or broken and makes it difficult to connect. This condition with the port doesn’t allow a proper connection between the cable and the plugs. Check the adaptor’s condition. If it looks a bit discolored from its previous condition then it could be internally burnt. Thus, broken connectivity is the main reason for the MacBook Charger Not Working.

Moreover, incorrect settings with the cord or the device can also create the error. If the battery is in a bad situation then charging could be a problem. Even overheating of the charger or the device could be an issue. On the other hand, charging problems can happen because of hardware corruption problems as well.

Troubleshoot MacBook Charger Not Working

First of all, check the cord of the charger as well as the connector. Check if the MacBook is charging with some other charger. If so then immediately change the charger. Find if the problem is with the port or with the cable.

It may surprise you, but a simple reason like overheating of the charging adapter or even the device can be the cause of MacBook Charger Not Working. It indicates the thermal sensor of the MacBook or the charger malfunction. This drastic rise in the heat blocks the battery service of the device and reduces the safety measures. The simple way to resolve this issue is by turning OFF the system and keeping it under room temperature and make sure it is not under direct sunlight. Give the system some time to get back to its average temperature.

In the end, if still, MacBook is not charging then check the basics of the device. Check each of the ports if there is any debris. Moreover, dust can be a big reason for charger not working. Clean the equipment properly and check the connectivity. Check the wall socket and make sure the real reason for the disturbance.

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