iTunes Error – 39: Learn Easy and Effective Solution

iTunes Error – 39 is one of the common problems that you will encounter while trying to sync iTunes. A number of reasons can affect problem with data-sync, and almost every iPhone or iPad user has faced it. Always try to keep your data synced to avoid loss of files.

Most of the time when you try to restore the application you iTunes Unknown Error 39. Again at the time of upgrading the operating system, you may encounter this issue. Making any changes to the original media files on your device will also cause this issue, deleting for instance. Fortunately, there are possible solutions that you can try out. Let’s take a look at the ways to fix the bug.

How to fix iTunes Error – 39

Here are simple ways to deal with iTunes Server Error. However, if you find it difficult to work around the technical matter, you can always reach out to us. Apple Customer Service Team will help you with the best solutions.

iTunes Error 39

Outbound Third-Party Firewall

Security software can block some features to keep your system secure. You need to check that your security software is not interrupting to server connection. To verify, turn your antivirus off temporarily, then try to establish the connection to iTunes. If you still can’t, it’s a firewall software issue.

You can add iTunes to Firewall exceptions. Go to the security section and search for the option allow iTunes through the firewall.

Disable Conflicting Application

In case you are using a web acceleration software then you need to terminate the running process. Cloud-based software is well-known for facing issues during the sync process.

Find the conflicting software, right click on the icon and select advanced settings. Deselect the option to launch automatically on system startup. Once uncheck you may click on Ok button and apply the settings. Now, restart the system you will encounter iTunes Unknown Error  39.

Search For An Updates

If performing both the process did not help you to resolve iTunes Error – 39, consider checking for pending updates. To clarify, if you are running an outdated application then surely at some point in time you will face this issue, you need to update iTunes from a verified source. An updated version of the software will come up with latest bug fixes and patches.

Deleting All Photo Cache Memory

The problem persists then, go to the photo library and then find the iPhoto Library file to clear the caches. Right-click and select show package content. Then drag down the caches folder into the trash and restart iTunes to see iTunes Error 39 is solved or not.

Some Extra Hacks

If the above solutions don’t work, you can also try this alternative method. Check the date and time settings of your system. Furthermore, check for the device update manually, Apple should notify you if an update is available still for the sake of clarification check once.

My Take

So, I hope following the steps above you should be able to fix the iTunes Error – 39. The solutions are easy but effective, I’ve tried this fixes myself and here sharing with you. Our Apple Customer Support will provide you the instant solution and also if you have trouble resolving the problem you can always avail our help. Contact our team of Apple Technical Support executives and we will resolve the problem for you.