5 Common iPod Touch 5th Generation Issues | Know Their Easy Solution

If you own an iPod touch 5th generation device, then by all means you know there are some problems, which needs technical attention. Despite this, the product is doing well by offering features like iPhones. Recently most of the Apple iPod users have reported various errors they are experiencing with iPod touch.  For instance, iPod is not connecting to the internet, Unable to live stream, getting an unknown error and so on.

iPod Touch 5th Generation

Lets us take a look at the most common problems that you may face with iPod touch 16 GB 5th Generation. You can also connect with our Apple Customer Service to avail our services and get an instant solution.

Top 5 Familiar Problems With iPod Touch 5th Generation

I have listed some of the usual problems reported on the internet. However, I will not say these are the only problems you will face. You may encounter some other issues too.

  • iPod Touch is not turning on
  • Noisey Poor quality Audio Output
  • Sudden Black and Gray Screen
  • iPod touch is showing a sad icon
  • Freezing screen

Now, let’s dig into each one of them and find out the possible ways to resolve iPod Touch 5th Generation.

iPod Touch Not Turning On

First, start with the very basics. Even if it sounds silly, it can make a significant impact too. Battery drained out, power button failure, for instance. Check whether the necessary things are running correctly.

Then, check the charger if the device is not charging. Further, if the screen is damaged, you encounter such problems. If this is a problem with the power cable, then changing the same will resolve the issue for you.

Poor Quality Audio Output

If the headphone is at fault, then it can impact on iPod Touch audio quality. Moreover, we should never count out the audio jack; most of the cases it is the triggering factor.

To verify the issue, plugin a different headphone or use a wireless headphone. If the output is good then its a clear indication that this was a problem with the headphone.  In other cases replacing the audio jack with a new one will do the trick for you.

Gray & Black Screen

If your iPod is simply showing grey and black screen, it might be a hardware issue. Sometimes due to a system lag, you may encounter such errors.

Try resetting your iPod by pressing the volume up key and the home button altogether for 10 sec. You can release the button when you see the Apple logo. If you still continue to face this issue connect to a computer and reset it under recovery mood.

Sad Icon

You face the sad icon on your iPod; it means there is a severe issue with the device. A software breakdown or hardware breakdown may cause this issue. Most of the cases it can be resolved by simply putting your iPod in recovery mode. But, proceeding with this process will damage stored data. Its advisable to back up your data prior to resolving iPod Touch 5th Generation Issue.

Freezing Screen

If your system is freezing while loading then you can try updating the system iPod iOS. If you have already updated the software to the latest version, then it means there is a problem with the logic board of the device.

Final Thought On iPod Touch 5th Generation

These are the major problem you may face with the 5th Generation iPod Touch. If the problem still persists then you can reach our Apple Support for an instant solution. If any errors you are facing then you can call us on our toll-free number +1-855-729-1098 or you can send us a mail regarding your technical errors. We also have our online chat portal to assist you at any time.