iPhone 12 Camera Issues Might not Lead to Delays in Apple’s Launch Plans


The launch of the Apple iPhone 12 is nearby. But reports say that the launch is being delayed by the tech giant. Certain camera issues came into existence and it needs some time to be fixed. This has posed an impact on the upcoming plans of Apple with the iPhone 12. The launch schedule is through to be affected. 

The camera issues mainly occurred in the manufacturing section of Genius Electronic Optical. Their camera equipment has come up with a major problem. Tech researchers believe that if the issue comes up after the launch, then Apple would have been in big trouble. 

What was the actual issue?

One of Apple’s key suppliers, Genius Electronic Optical produces several camera parts for the iPhone. They have noticed that when the device is tested for HTHH (High-Temperature High Humidity), then there are several cracks in the camera coatings. However, this quality issue will affect the Genius Electronic Optical. They might have to delay the supply.

What about Largan?

Largan is similar to Genius Electronic Optical that supplies the same materials to Apple. Largan’s materials have no issues. Their working schedule is on-time. As Genius Electronic Optical faced an issue, Largan is ready to take this advantage. 

Largan’s estimation is the low-end 7P lens final assembly and its mass manufacturing for the 6.1 inches and 5.4-inch phones. The production will start during mid-to-late August, September, and early days of October. 

Can Genius Electronic Optical solve the problem?

Experts believe that there is much uncertainty about the Genius Electronic Optical to solve the issue in time. If that is so, Apple will give the top priority to Largan, at least at the initial supply stage. Experts believe that Genius Electronic Optical will slash down the price for the rest of the items. 

What is so special about the iPhone 12 camera?

All the upcoming models of the iPhone 12 will be using the 7P lenses. It actually means a 7 element assembly for the ultra-wide-angle camera.  With the help of this type of camera, you will be able to click pictures with a large area in the frame. Amongst the upcoming models, two base models will come with wide and ultra-wide camera lenses. The Pro models will be coming with a triple camera. 

Apple CFO speaks

The CFO of Apple Luca Maestri has already officially confirmed that there will be the launch delay of the iPhone 12. The delay will be a couple of weeks as they have to change their launch strategy. Lucan also confirmed that after the launch of 6.1 inches phones, Apple will also launch 5.4 inches of phones later. Their actual strategy is to attract all types of customers who are willing to buy an iPhone on a low budget. 


So, iPhone lovers, you need to hold your patience and wait to get your hands on the new iPhone and iOS. Rumours are looming around that Apple might give some special discounts to the existing iPhone owners to exchange their phones and to get the latest device. But, there is no official news released by Apple yet.