Swift Ways To Fix iPad Is Disabled Connect To iTunes Error

You cannot connect your disabled iPad to iTunes as it is not possible for iTunes to recognize the device correctly. When you cannot remember the password, you make multiple wrong passcode attempts. And in return, the system displays that iPad is disabled connect to iTunes. The problem with a disabled iPad is that you cannot re-enter the correct password anymore. It creates a lot of disruptions if you cannot connect both the iDevices to make them work.

Therefore, we are going to discuss the inconveniences which users often face with a disabled iPad. This article brings you the troubleshooting tips which you can apply to enable the iPad. But if you can’t resolve the issue by using these tips, don’t hesitate to connect with our Apple Support Team.

“iPad Is Disabled Connect To iTunes” – Causes

Your iPad can become inactive if a malware is present in it. If you cannot update the iPad accurately, it can disable the iPad.  You can also face this problem if your device is running an outdated iOS version. When you enter an incorrect password for six consecutive times, it disables the iPad. A corrupted registry can be another source of this problem.

When you connect iPad to iTunes for the first time, it asks you to confirm the connection between the iPad and the computer. It also enables iTunes to access the data stored on your iPad. But, iTunes cannot access the data on a disabled iPad.

So if your iPad does not have the option of maintaining a backup of the data, you need to unlock the device. When you do not enable ‘Trust this computer’ feature on your iPad, iTunes cannot access the data if the iPad gets disabled.

Things To Do When iPad Is Disabled Connect To iTunes

Try the different methods described in this article to fix iPad is disabled and won’t connect to iTunes.

Method 1

At the beginning, connect your iPad to a PC by using a USB cable. Now navigate to the iPad on your computer. When you will get the ‘Backup Now’ option, use it to backup all the data on your iPad. Then you can restore your iPad data on your PC. If this method does not fix your issue, switch to the next one.

Method 2

Connect iPad to your PC and get into iTunes to check if that the synchronization process is working. If your device contains more apps and data, it would take more time to synchronize. You will get a ‘Restore’ option from the iTunes Backup button. Select it to restore your iPad and wait until the backup completes. Once the backup procedure is successfully done, it will eliminate the “iPad Is Disabled Connect To iTunes” error from your PC. Now you will also be able to access your data which you have previously stored on your iPad.

Method 3

Backup your device on iTunes and restore the iPad to Factory Firmware and Settings. Then use a USB cable for connecting your iPad to iTunes. Reboot your iPad in recovery mode and reset a passcode. If iTunes is able to restore your device, it will let you recover the stored documents and apps. If the error still appears on the display, put your iPad in ‘Device Firmware Update’ mode.

Once you have succeeded in unlocking your iPad, try to remember the passcode of your iPad. Be careful while entering the password. Since a password is not essential, you may not set one for your device.

These solutions will only work if you have not deleted the data from your iPad. But if you have mistakenly erased the data, you will need to avail of the Apple iPad Support from our software engineers.

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