What to do if iMessage Waiting for Activation?

Is iMessage deactivated on your iPhone and you don’t know the exact reason for such occurrence? It doesn’t matter what you do, the iMessage Waiting for Activation mode.

This informative content will tell you why iMessage shows it is waiting for activation and the probable hacks to resolve this issue in one go.

Why you encounter the iMessage Waiting for Activation Error?

There are manifold reasons behind this annoying issue of waiting for activation. This write-up will guide you with the troubleshooting steps which will help you in examining and fixing this issue.

But before you go ahead with the effective hacks, it is imperative to know certain things.

  • iMessage will take almost 24 hours in order to activate as per the terms and conditions of Apple. Sometimes, you have to wait for a while.
  • You need to stay connected with the Cellular Data or the Wi-Fi before you enable iMessage.
  • You need to receive SMS text messages in order to enable iMessage.

Useful Measures to Prevent iMessage Activation Error

Go through the under-mentioned steps to know the effective resorts to prevent the afore-mentioned issue.

Stay Connected to the Wi-Fi or Cellular Data to Fix iMessage Waiting for Activation

iMessage might not activate owing to the connectivity issue associated with Wi-Fi. In order to begin the process, you need to open the Settings app and click on WiFi.

You need to make sure that you switch on the option adjacent to Wi-Fi and there is a checkmark beside the Wi-Fi network.

When the WiFi is on click on your network in order to select it.

If the WiFi is enabled after selecting the network, toggle the switch off. Examine to verify whether the iPhone is associated with Wi-Fi by opening the Safari.

After that, you should go ahead and try to load the webpage. If the webpage loads, then it signifies that the iPhone is connected to Wi-Fi.

Switch On the Airplane Mode and Turn it Off

After you switch on the Cellular Data or the WiFi, you need to turn the Airplane Mode on. Then, turn it off.

This will resolve the minor problem thereby impedes the ability of the iPhone to connect to the wireless data.

Ensure that Date and Time Zone are Set Properly

Another major reason for “waiting for activation iMessage” is the incorrect time zone. First of all, move to the Settings option. After that, click on General and then press the tab marked as Date & Time.

Now, you need to ensure that the iPhone is set to the correct time zone. Therefore, we recommend you to turn it on placed adjacent to the Set Automatically button on your iOS device.

This is to make sure that the time zone depends on the current location.

Restart your iPhone

If you receive “iMessage activation failed” message after you connect to data or WiFi and select the correct time zone, then you need to restart the iPhone.

It might happen that the iPhone isn’t activating owing to software crash. However, you can easily fix this if you restart it.

In order to restart the iPhone, you need to press and hold the power button present on the right-hand side. You need to perform this till the slide to power off popup appears.

If you are using iPhone X, you just need to hold as well as press the side button. Also, you can press any of the volume buttons.

Now, you can drag the power icon from the left end to the right end covering the words Slide in order to power off. This will switch off the iPhone.

Then, wait a bit and then you need to hold and press the power button in case of iPhone 8. Otherwise, you can hold the side button mostly for iPhone X until the Apple logo is displayed at the center.

Switch Off the iMessage and Turn it On

You need to turn off the iMessage and then bring it back to normal. Also, iPhone users experience a certain problem while using iMessage.

There can be a glitch in iMessage which hinders the activation. If you switch off the iMessage and then bring it back to the normal mode, it will give a fresh restart.

Move to the Settings option. After that, click on Messages and press the switch adjacent to the iMessage available at the peak of the screen. When the switch shows the white signal, it implies that the iMessage is disabled.

As a result, wait for some time and then tap the switch to bring the iMessage to the normal mode.

Examining iOS Update

Apple suggests you update the device’s OS to the most recent version when the “iMessage an error occurred during activation” message pops up.

To combat this, you need to move to the Settings option. After that, press the General tab. Thereafter, click on Software Update and examine whether the iOS update is available or not.

Therefore, if there is a new software update, click on Download and Install. Since Apple releases updates frequently to enhance security, keep checking this at least once a month.

Sign In and Out of Apple ID

If you are using the latest version of iPhone, but still getting ‘waiting for activation’ message, then try to sign out and then sign back in again using the Apple ID.

If you restart your iPhone, it will give a fresh restart. This will resolve the minor glitch.

In order to begin, move to the Settings tab. After that, click on Messages. Now, click on Send & Receive option.

Furthermore, tap on the Apple ID available at the peak of the screen. Finally, tap on the Sign Out button.

After you sign out of Apple ID, click the option labeled as Use Your Apple ID for iMessage available at the top. Now, provide the Apple ID as well as password in order to login back to the Apple ID.

Check for a Carrier Settings Update to Fix iMessage Waiting for Activation

Apple as well as wireless career releases Carrier Settings update on a regular basis that enhances the iPhone’s potentiality to associate with the wireless carrier’s cellular network.

Usually, Carrier Settings update option is there when you encounter the popup which signifies “Carrier Settings Update”.

Whenever the popup appears on your device, click on Update. There is no disadvantage as such if you update iPhone’s Carrier Settings. However, at times, there might be a problem if you don’t update it.

You can examine to find out if there is any Carrier Settings update. The process is very simple. Just move to the Settings. After that, click on General and then press the option labeled as About.

Now, wait for 30 seconds. If you find the Carrier Settings update, then the popup will appear on this menu.

Final Words:

All the necessary measures to counteract this iMessage waiting for activation is mentioned in this informative blog. If you follow all the steps diligently, you can surely able to fix this waiting for activation issue in no time.

But if the above procedures fail to serve the purpose, you can seek professional help. However, if you have any further question, you can provide that in the comment section.