How to Uninstall Apps on iPhone?

If your iPhone hangs very often, then uninstalling iPhone apps can be the best thing that the users can do. There is no doubt that Apple devices come along with countless apps which grab the users’ attention. But all apps cannot satisfy your needs or are deserving to get your interest throughout. Sometimes, more apps lead to more disappointments. Thus, in this case, you need to get rid of all the unwanted apps from your iPhone device. If you are planning to get rid of such apps and don’t know the process of How to Uninstall Apps on iPhone, then you can easily scroll down the easy-to-go steps that we have provided below.

How to Uninstall Apps on iPhone?

1st Method: The Tap, Hold and Drop Method

The first method is the easiest of all the methods that you can ever come across when you are thinking to delete an app or apps from your iPhone. 

So, just as the name suggests, we practically need to tap on an app. Once you are in the Home Screen of your Apple device, you need to just get a hold of the app by tapping on it and holding it down. 

Next, you will see that all the apps are up for a wiggling dance along with the (x) icons on the left-hand side of each of them. 

If you have got a device with 3D touch, then press it hard. This will probably bring you a contextual menu instead. 

Now, you can drag the apps around the Home Screen. However, if you want to get rid of them, just tap on the (X) icon on the relevant app. Thus, go about “how do you uninstall apps on iPhone.”

Note – Have you got any app that you have purchased or have you got certain apps under which you have got purchases made? Then, don’t worry about throwing away all your money. 

This is because you already have all your apps linked to your Apple ID. Thus, you can re-download it at your convenience.

2nd Method: Through the Settings App to know How to Uninstall Apps on iPhone

If the above method is already known to you but right from the very beginning, you seem to be inquisitive. So, here we can satiate your knowledge by giving out another method to dispose off the apps that you won’t need. 

Therefore, let’s explore another method which can aid you if you are seeking for uninstalling the app from the iPhone. So, jump right into it:

  • Go to the Settings app of your iPhone. Then, tap on the General option.
  • After this, visit the tab saying iPhone Storage.
  • Now, you will get a screen where you will see a list of all the apps that is available on your phone. This screen will also contain the storage information of each of them.
  • In this step, the screen will also bring you a diagram of the storage of your phone. Here, you will also get a prompt to “Offload Unused Apps”. 

Note – This thing would not be of much use if you have plenty of storage left. 

However, if you have a storage crunch, then your iPhone would automatically offload the apps that you haven’t used in a long time. 

Remember, an offloaded app is not technically a deleted app, but one that has already got its data saved on your iPhone. This serves brilliantly well when you want to clear up space. So, once you install the offloaded apps again, then you would get all their data restored. 

Furthermore, you would get the thumbnails of all those apps along with a cloud next to them. Now, if you tap on it, then you can get it downloaded on your iPhone right away.

  •  Once, you are in the Storage screen, tap on any of the apps in order to delete it completely.

To Sum It Up

This is surely one of the most comprehensive guides in existence all around the internet which will let you uninstall app on iPhone without any hassles. 

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