Solutions on how to Setup VPN on Mac?

If you want to know How to Setup VPN on Mac, then you must know that, your VPN provider will decide the type of the VPN encryption that you should use for the authentication purpose. 

After that, choose the User Authentication process that is given to you by the provider.

Now, you need to choose the Machine Authentication that is required by your VPN provider. Also, provide the relevant details in the below box and enter the pertinent details. Tap on OK.

As an alternative, you can check the “Show VPN status in the menu bar” option, in case you desire to be able to enable or disable the VPN connection.

Next, click on the Advanced tab and check “Send all traffic over VPN connection” for encrypting all of the internet access you are using now.

Now, you need to choose the OK icon and then click on Apply. At the last step, you need to tap on the Apply button for launching the VPN connection.

How to Setup VPN on Mac by the help of your VPN Provider’s App?

In any case, if you re using an application, then this method will be helpful for you to set up the VPN settings. This application can assist you to setup automatically and provide you easy access to start and stop the VPN connection.

You just have to complete the installation process completely and then provide the credentials such as the username and password. 

Be sure not to make any mistake while giving the credentials.

Then, choose the Save option by clicking on it. Check if you set up a VPN successfully or not. If you are still in trouble then contact an expert.

We expect that the above guide will be beneficial for you to know “how to set up a VPN on Mac”. 

But in case, if you have any problem regarding any step, then we suggest you perform the same step once more to confirm that you don’t have made any mistakes. But if you are still facing trouble, then post your queries in the section below.