How to Setup New iPhone and Configure iPhone As a New One?

Often, iPhone users experience a strange problem, where they are asked to set up their iDevice as new while accessing iTunes. So, unless you back up your device and set up new iPhone, you can’t access the features and apps on your iDevice. It is also essential to configure your iPhone if you have purchased a new product. Otherwise, you will not be able to do so. So, if you want to do iTunes setup as new iPhone because of upgrading from your older device or getting a new one, keep reading this article. Here, it will discuss the steps that help to understand how to setup a new iPhone using iTunes. 

Learn How to Setup New iPhone by Following Effective Methods

It doesn’t matter if you are using a new iPhone or an old device, you need to follow the correct steps to set it up. So, if you are not a tech-savvy person and keep asking “How to setup my new iPhone?”, check out the information below.

Step 1: Switch on the iPhone

The first step is to turn on your iPhone by pressing down the ‘Power’ or ‘Sleep’ button. You can find this tab on the right edge or top-right corner of your iDevice. Next, swipe or move the slider towards the right side in order to activate your iPhone.

Step 2: Set Language, Location and Other Info

Now, you have to enter some crucial details like your geographic location, language preference in your device. Hence, tap on the ‘Language’ and ‘Country’ and select the ‘Next’ button after entering the details. 

Step 3: Choose Wireless Option

After this, select a wireless connection for your iPhone so that you can install the latest updates for doing the setup. 

So, you can click on the tab for ‘WiFi’ and tap on the appropriate option below the heading of ‘Choose a Wi-Fi Network’. 

Now, after selecting the wireless network, type your Apple ID or password for activating it on your iPhone. 

Step 4: Sync iPhone with iTunes

In case, there is no suitable Wi-Fi network nearby, you can scroll down the display for more options. Towards the bottom of your iPhone’s screen, you can view the option of iTunes. 

Hence, use a data cable to establish a connection between your iPhone and a PC with the application of iTunes. 

Next, you need to tap on ‘iTunes’ on your iPhone only after connecting the device to your computer. Then, wait until iPhone activates itself by displaying your phone number on the screen.

Step 5: Verify Number and Agree to Terms & Conditions

If the number shown on your iPhone’s display is the correct one, tap the ‘Next’ button to proceed with iTunes setup as new iPhone. Next, you have to type the billing zip code and also enter your Social Security number’s last 4 digits. 

Finally, choose the tab of ‘Next’ in order to go to the next page and agree to the User’s license. 

Now, you can enable the feature of ‘Location Services and allow GPS to track your iPhone’s location. This will help various apps to access the region of iPhone and suggest the products, deals or offers based on that. 

So, you came across some important steps on how to setup your iPhone using iTunes. For backing up the data from your old iPhone to a new one, it will require technical steps from the experts. 

You can also consult them for learning how to modify your iPhone’s Touch ID and Passcode in simple steps. 

In this article, it has covered only the general method to setup new iPhone. But, there are other ways to setup the iPhone including iTunes, iCloud, Android and other iDevices. 

So, if you want to learn about those steps or discuss solutions or methods on configuring iPhone, keep watching this space for more information.