Know How to Setup as New iPad?

If you want to setup a new iPad, or an older device, you will find a screen which states “Hello” in several languages. You will notice when you switch on the device.

However, it depends on your own personal settings. We are here to help you with the entire configuration which will work exactly the way you wish.

Therefore, follow this user guide thoroughly to know how to set up a new iPad. 

Understand the options in order to Setup a New iPad

There are manifold ways to perform the setup process. Also, you can follow this in the older versions to setup as new iPad.

  1. Establishing as “new” signifies that you can start each and everything from scratch. This is intended for those who are not used to the smartphone or other online services.
  2. Now, you can easily restore from the earlier version of iPhone, iPad or iPad touch backup. You can perform that online through iCloud or using iTunes. This is applicable for those who are not familiar with the iOS device and thereby heading towards a new one.
  3. Moreover, you can import from Android or other OS. Apple implements an app in Google Play to make the work of Android seamless. However, the online service deals with the transfer of data from an older one. This is beneficial for those who want to switch to the iPad over Android.

How can you Move ahead with the New iPad Setup?

Irrespective of whether you are launching a new iPad, restoring from the backup or shifting to a new device, everything begins with the same process.

  1. First, you need to touch the option labeled as Slide to set up. It simply indicates that sliding your finger across the screen in order to kick start.
  2. After that, select your language.
  3. Now, you need to select a specific country or region. Moreover, this will correspond to the place where you bought it initially.
  4. Thereafter, select a Wi-Fi network and then provide a password if required. If you are unable to connect to WiFi, you can select Use Cellular option.
  5. Then, wait for some time till your iPhone or iPad gets activated. This is a bit of time taking. You just need a few seconds to activate the iPhone or iPad.
  6. Then, select if you wish to enable Location Services or not. However, you can change your mindset as well. But you need to enable location services to use some apps such as Maps.
  7. Now, provide your new Password as well as Touch ID. But you can avoid this step if you choose Set Up Touch ID Later.

How to Perform New iPad Setup or Older as New?

If you are an amateur or a first time user of an iPad or iPhone, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps in order to set up a new iPad. To begin, you have to link your gadget to the iCloud account.

  1. To begin the process, just sign in with the help of previously used Apple ID. You simply need to provide the username which is associated with your email address and password.
  2. Now, click on the option marked as Use different Apple IDs for iCloud and iTunes.Then, go ahead creating an entirely new and free Apple ID.
  3. After that, click the option labeled as Skip This Step if you don’t wish to do this immediately.
  4. In case you don’t have an Apple ID, go ahead and create a new one. Else, if you want you can sign in using the Settings app.
  5. Now, click on the option to agree with the Terms and Conditions of Apple.
  6. Please confirm that you agree as many times as required.
  7. Now, set up Apple Pay as well as the Apple Touch ID-based payment option, if present.
  8. Then, launch iCloud Keychain if you like to store and sync the passwords through each and every device.
  9. Finally, setup Siri which is the voice-activated assistant of Apple.

With this, you are done with the initial setup procedure of the iPad.

Final Remark

Using this article, you can go for the new iPad setup. All the steps are given here are proven.

However, if you have any further question, you can provide that in the comment section. Or else, you can seek help from professionals.