Complete Methods on how to Setup Apple TV?

Apple TV is just another example of Apple’s masterful craftsmanship. But, many of the users are too worried and/or confused regarding the setup of Apple TV. So, in this content,  you will get the necessary guide to set up your Apple TV without any doubt.

Therefore, let’s check what you would be needing to succeed in the setup of the same.

Things you Need for the Setup

  1. A personal internet for making it absolutely convenient for you to go online. Make sure that the connection is strong enough and stable.
  2. A TV or a display having an HDMI port.
  3. Lastly, keep an HDMI cable handy with you.

Note – You would have to get an HDMI 2.0 or any version later than that to get things organized and in your favor.

Some Prerequisites that you Need to Check Beforehand

To set up Apple TV, let’s first ensure some necessary things and double-check whether they are in their appropriate constitution. Jump right below to start with them:

  • Check whether the iOS version of your device is the latest one. If it is not, then update the version.
  • Next, you need to sign in to your iCloud account with the help of your Apple ID. Furthermore, you also need to ensure that the two-factor authentication is turned on for your Apple ID.
  • Make sure that the iCloud Keychain is toggled to on in iCloud Settings.
  • Now, you need to turn the Bluetooth on. Following this, you need to go ahead and connect the device to your personal Wi-Fi network.

How to Setup Apple TV: Easy Guide

Once you have double-checked with all the things that you would be needing, continue with the Apple TV 4 setup. Now, get into the steps directly and set your device up without further delay.

Step 1: Plug your Device in and Switch the TV On

In the first of the steps, you need to plug your Apple TV into a power outlet and then connect the device to your TV. You can proceed with the connection with an HDMI cable.

Note – If you want to go for movies or videos in 4K, then you need to get an HDMI 2.0 or later. Also, be sure of your TV that it should be supporting 4K, HDR, or both.

After that, turn your TV on and then choose the HDMI input that your Apple TV is connected to.

Step 2: Select the Language

Now, you need to select your preferred language that you would be receiving your instructions in. So, to go about it, you just have to swipe on the Touch surface of the Apple TV Remote.

If you have to choose an option, then click on the surface. In case you have selected an incorrect language, then you can press Menu to get back to the previous screen.

Step 3: Go for a Manual Setup

You can automatically add your Apple ID and the Wi-Fi settings that you would require. For this, go for the option Set Up with Device. Once you are done with this, unlock your iOS device and hold it right next to your Apple TV.

Then, go through the instructions that you would be getting on your iOS gadget and Apple TV.

However, if you don’t want to set your Apple TV up with the iOS device, then go for the manual setup of the Apple TV 4.

Note – If you find out that you don’t have an Apple ID, then you need to get hold of an Apple ID in the first place.

Step 4: Sign in with your Apple TV Provider

Many countries might allow you to sign in to your TV or the cable provider. Thus, this way, you would get all the shows or movies that you want within your reach.

If you get an Apple TV from the cable connection provider, then you would already be having authorization of your Apple TV immediately after you unbox.

Step 5: Customize the Adequate Settings According to your Preference

First, you need to turn One Home Screen on. This will aid in keeping the Home screen as well as the apps the same across every Apple TV.

Now, select a room that will automatically get your Apple TV connected and added with the Home App on your iOS device and Mac. After that, you can go ahead and download the screen savers.

As you already completed this step, if you are with an Apple TV 4K connected to a 4K television which supports HDR or Dolby Vision. Here, soon you will get a prompt to run a brief display test.

Step 6: Get your Apps

Once you complete the setup in full, you will get a Home screen. Here on, you can easily watch your favorite movies, shows, and all that you can watch exploring your Apple TV.

Besides that, you can also download your favorite games and apps from the App Store.

Know How to Setup Apple TV without Remote

The Siri Remote is one of the best possible things that you can get along with your Apple TV. But apart from its usual advantages for being handy, this pricey remote gets lost more often than you can take note of.

Thus, to dodge such a situation, you can get a Bluetooth keyboard in use for yourself. Furthermore, you can also go for another Apple device, like an iPhone or an iPad to evade the hurdles of not having a remote.

Moreover, you can also use another remote of a different Apple TV for your own TV if you have got a spare one.

This post would definitely inform you all about setting up your Apple TV. And in fact, you would be doing it in a time less than what you might have expected.

Therefore, if you are successfully through the setup, kindly recommend the article to one who needs. Furthermore, comment in the comments section below and let us know what you feel about this post.