Ways on how to Setup AirPlay Apple TV?

AirPlay comes with video streaming features for your iOS device. In order to watch resourceful content on Apple TV, you can use the AirPlay Mirroring feature. This will help you to take what is there inside the Mac and thereby transmitting it to the HDTV associated with Apple TV wirelessly. If you are using the same WiFi, AirPlay will connect simply and thereby start streaming. However, if you are using a different network, AirPlay implements point-to-point WiFi to feature videos. As a result, it becomes a major source of education as well as the enterprise. You just have to tap a button. After that, select a target and watch your favorite TV show or presentation. Therefore, follow this informative user guide to know How to Setup AirPlay Apple TV.

How to Watch Video Using AirPlay from an iPhone or iPad?

You can easily use AirPlay to stream video by mirroring the screen. Just follow the under mentioned steps to know how to set up AirPlay Apple TV.

  1. In order to begin the process, find the Control Center.
  2. Now, tap on Screen Mirroring.
  3. Then, hit the device which likes to use AirPlay.

If you are not on the same Wi-Fi network as the Apple TV which you are targeting., then the Apple TV will give you a code and you should enter that on your iPhone or iPad.

This should be done before you stream over point-to-point Wi-Fi.

How to Setup AirPlay Apple TV: Easy Steps

Just follow the under mentioned steps to know the procedure of setting up AirPlay TV.

Examine iOS Device Compatible with AirPlay 

In order to enable AirPlay, you must possess an iPad, iPad Mini, or iPhone.

  • Now, verify the device in which the content can be streamed with the help of AirPlay.
  • Then, link the iOS device as well as AirPlay device to the same Wi-Fi. After that, you can move upwards on the screen. This will open the Control Center.
  • Now, click on AirPlay. This will show you a list of all the compatible devices associated with the Wi-Fi network.
  • Then, click on the device in which you wish to stream content.
  • You will find an icon adjacent to each and every device revealing the kind of content you can stream on that specific device.
  • After choosing a device, you can easily enable AirPlay streaming.
  • Now, open what you like to stream with the help of AirPlay. After that, click on the option labeled as Play. The media content will begin to play on the AirPlay compatible device. 

How to Troubleshoot AirPlay Setup/ How to Setup AirPlay Apple TV?

In order to begin the process, you have to install the recent updates for iOS and iTunes on devices which uses AirPlay. This will help the AirPlay to run smoothly throughout all the devices.

Now, restart the iOS device and Apple TV if you don’t find AirPlay in Control Center. With this, the WiFi connection is refreshed on both the devices so that you can activate the AirPlay.

Moreover, you can easily activate AirPlay option available under the Settings tab on the Apple TV. This feature is auto enabled. However, disable it on the Apple TV if it doesn’t show up in the Control Center.

Now, you have to examine whether the device which you like to stream is inserted or not. Also, you have to power it on if it is not available in the list under Control Center. AirPlay cannot detect if the device is turned off or not or whether the battery is low.

Moreover, you can examine volumes on each and every device if you are unable to hear the audio. Low sound in one or both the devices can hamper the sound while you try to setup AirPlay Apple TV.

You should try using a complex internet connection using Ethernet cable if the content lags. This will tell you how to connect AirPlay to TV and thereby enhancing the network connection.

After that, you can go ahead relocating any objects or devices that are hampering the AirPlay playback. Also, microwaves, baby monitors, or certain metal objects can lead to interference with streaming between iOS and AirPlay devices.

Finally, click on Finish. Now, you know the entire procedure on how to set up AirPlay on Apple TV.

To Sum it up

Now, you know the entire method on how to set up AirPlay Apple TV. Therefore, go through each and every step seriously to know the whereabouts.

Moreover, you can refer to any user guide to have a quick look. Apart from this, if you have any fresh idea you can provide that in the comment section.