How to Fix Apple Headphones that Only Work on One Side

In this article, we have explained some common headphone problems that every Apple user face at once. If you are an Apple user, then you can also relate the problems that we are going to discuss. Moreover, we will also give you the most effective and easy solutions so that you can learn how to fix Apple headphones anytime. So, follow the instructions that are given below. Further, avail of the extensive Apple Support Services to resolve the issues at the earliest.

Causes Why Problems with Apple Headphone occurs

There are so many reasons for which your headphone stops working properly. It can happen due to any kind of internal problems, loose connections, uncleaned earbuds, and so many things. Moreover, this problem occurs due to the damaged headphone jack as well.

Know How to Fix Apple Headphones

In this article, we will explain the top 7 methods by which you can easily solve the Apple headphone issues. Fixing Apple headphones is not a very tough task. You just read the article and follow the steps carefully.

So, let’s check out the following methods of How to Fix Apple Headphones.

Method 1: Unattach and Reattach the Headphones Mode

This is a very much common problem that you can face at times. Basically, the solution to this frustrating problem is very much simple. At the very first, you have to take your earphones. After that, you need to insert it into the headphone jack. Now, you have to remove it and then repeat the same process more than 7 to 8 times. So, after doing that, you can easily fix the problem.

Method 2: By Cleaning the Headphone Jack You Can Fix ‘How to Fix Apple Headphones’

Generally, a dirty or uncleaned headphone jack can always create lots of problems. As a result, you can get the most irritating sound from it. Moreover, it can also reduce the sound on your iPhone which will be very much annoying.

Now, the question comes in your mind that, what are the steps to get the exact solution? To solve this problem, you need to use a cotton swab. After that, put the small cotton earbud inside the audio jack of your iPhone. And then, clean it properly. Also, check for dust particles inside the audio jack. Hope the problem will be solved after cleaning the audio jack and it will give the proper sound again.

Method 3: Clean the Moisture from Ear Buds

If you are still wondering how to fix apple earpods, then here you can check out the solutions. Generally, moisture or dust particles can create lots of problems with headphones. Moisture minimizes the audio functionality and reduces the quality of sound. To solve this problem, you can use a hairdryer for drying out moisture inside the headphone jack. After doing all these things, you need to check the problem is solved or not.

Method 4: Fix the Apple Microphone

What to do, if your Apple microphone stops working or want to know how to fix apple headphones one ear? In many cases, many users have reported that the inbuilt microphone can’t work properly. So, to fix the problem, you need to check your microphone for blockage, lint, link debris, or plastic packaging. But if you are still getting the problem with your microphone, then contact our Apple Support Service for better assistance.

Method 5: Check for Damages

If you want to know how to fix apple earbuds or if you don’t know how to fix apple headphones that only work on one side, then try this method carefully. You need to take the help of a flashlight and check the damaged area of earbuds. Clean the damaged parts of the earbuds and the check volume again.

Method 6: Software Problem Fix

What happens if your headphone works only one side? In that case, you have to check your iOS device and go to Settings. Now, you have to navigate to the General option and then tap on Accessibility option. Now, you have to scroll down to the Phone Noise Cancellation option and then find the slider under this section. It can easily adjust the audio volume balance between the right and left channels. Basically, you have to set in the middle.

Method 7: Check for Compatibility

Finally, check if your headphone is compatible with the Apple device. The compatibility test is pretty much simple. In this step, you have to connect your headphone in any other device and check if it’s working fine. If the headphone is working fine, then there is a compatibility issue. It can happen due to software problems. So, you need to take the help of Apple Support Service.

Get in Touch with Apple Customer Service

So, we have discussed the most effective methods by which you can easily solve the problem. If you read the article, then surely you can easily fix your headphone issue. For more details, you have to take the help of our Apple Customer Support Service. Our team can always offer the best and effective solutions related to all kind of Apple devices.

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