How To Factory Reset Macbook Pro – Get Instant Help

Apple has been satisfying user requirements with its wide range of high-tech gadgets. MacBook Pro is not an exception in that case. However, with regular usage, you may come across critical errors with your Macbook. Are you wondering how to factory reset MacBook Pro? This article will help you with the steps that you can implement to fix the issue in an instant. You may face this issue due to various reasons. There can be a malware or a virus infection or there can be a problem with the MacBook itself. There are other reasons as well behind this challenging issue.

You need to understand the causes behind the occurrence of the error otherwise you won’t be able to solve the problem successfully. Resetting the MacBook Pro can help you get rid of various failures in MacBook Pro. While using MacBook Pro, you may encounter multiple errors and faults. Factory reset can solve the issues ranging from display issues to battery overheating issues. Furthermore, you can seek help from the experts at Mac Support who can supervise your issues on a different level in combatting the technical problem.

Why Can’t You Factory Reset Your MacBook Pro?

  • Sometimes you cannot factory reset your MacBook Pro due to a fault in the MacBook Pro itself, and it might result in these failures.
  • At times, you may be searching for how to factory reset MacBook Pro. This can result due to malware and virus infection.
  • You might occasionally think how to reset MacBook Pro because you may face software issues while resetting your device.
  • At times, you might encounter errors while overheating of the MacBook Pro.

These are the reasons which might be responsible for the MacBook issue to a great extent. However, there might be other reasons as well. These are the leading causes behind the subject with MacBook Pro. Go through the bases and get a grasp of the problem in a nutshell. If you cannot understand the issue, then you can contact the tech executives at Mac Support without a doubt.

How To Factory Reset MacBook Pro?

Here are the steps which you can refer to solve the How to Factory Reset MacBook Pro issue efficiently:

Step 1:

Firstly, you need to keep in mind that you require to back up all the essential data. It is because when you factory reset your MacBook Pro, you will lose all your private and crucial data files from your hard drive. So, if there is any file or some data that you require to back up, you must back it up on your external hard drive.

Step 2:

Once you have finished backing up all the crucial data, you require to shut down your MacBook Pro. Then you will have to plug your MacBook Pro to the AC adapter and then finally boot it back up. Then you will have to tap and hold the R command to restore the function. You will have to touch and hold the buttons until the Apple logo arrives on the screen. Finally, you will have to release the keys. Performing this step will take you to a separate boot screen displaying a “Mac OS X Utilities” menu.

Step 3:

To ensure completion of the system restoring procedure, you may require to attach your computer to the Internet. You will have to choose the WiFi option from the service menu and then you will have to obtain the router you will be handling. Finally, you need to enter the WiFi password to proceed with the function.

Step 4:

Once, you have finished the entire installation procedure, you can copy the files which you have backed up. But before that, you need to restart your computer first. Furthermore, put your Apple ID info and start working with your MacBook effectively.

Get In Touch With The Expert

If you want to learn how to factory reset MacBook Pro, you can communicate with the specialists at Apple Customer Support who can suggest you with innovative hacks to fix the problem.

You can dial Mac Support Number +1-855-729-1098 to talk to expert professionals. Also, you can communicate with the experts via sending an email at [email protected] if you find the helplines busy. Additionally, you can seek for the live chat option that the Apple techies provide. They are available 24*7.