Ways to do Factory Reset iPad Instantly

If you are selling your iPad or facing trouble issue with the absurd behavior of iOS, then Factory Reset is indispensable. You will get to know about the reset options if you move to the Settings option. However, there are certain steps that you must follow which we have outlined in this blog.

A Factory Reset will help you to solve several issues associated with your iPhone or iPad if it is crashing, freezing, or getting affected owing to certain problems.

If you are selling your iPad or passing the same to any of your family members, it is necessary to keep a backup of all the confidential information. This is because it can lead to fraudulent activities where there is a huge chance of losing your personal data, photos, or videos.

Any unscrupulous buyer can take control of your browsing history or private data. Thus, you must know how to reset iPad.

However, before you perform the Factory Reset, make sure that you keep a backup of all the useful information. So, follow this informative post carefully to know how to reset iPad easily and quickly.

How you can Reset iPad to Factory Settings?

If you want to erase all the data from your device, then you must follow the under-mentioned steps.

Backup the iPad

Here’s how you can start the backup –

  1. In order to proceed, you need to ensure that you have the backup. You can perform that using iCloud or iTunes.
  2. If you like to use iCloud, you need to move to the Settings. After that, click on iCloud and then move to the Backup option.
  3. In order to know the last backup entry, please check the Backup Now option where you will find the date and time.
  4. However, if you are yet to proceed with the backup, you can press the Back Up Now Button and for that follow the on-screen instructions.
  5. If you want to back up your iPhone or iPad, you can use iTunes too. Just insert the device into the PC or Mac with the help of charging cable.
  6. Now, press the iPhone or iPad icon available at the top-left bar of iTunes under the Play button category.

Factory Reset the iPad

Once you are done with the backup of iPad or iPhone, you can go ahead with the Factory Reset. This will remove the entire information and that is the sole reason backup is essential.

  1. In order to reset the iPad, move to the Settings option. After that, click on General and then press Reset. Now, you have to choose to Erase All Content and Settings.
  2. After you type the passcode, a warning box will appear which will come with the option of Erase iPad in red. So, tap on that.
  3. Now, you have to enter the Apple ID password in order to confirm the course of action. After that, the iPad will remove everything from the storage.
  4. Then, move back to the initial setup screen you saw when you use the device for the first time.
  5. You can do it in a different way. When you insert it into the iOS device, you will find the Restore iPhone button. This will reset the device.

Now, your iPhone or iPad is ready for sale.

How you can Secure your Data from Wiped iPad?

If you are unable to find a backup, it is obvious that you won’t be able to get back the lost data once deleted.

The data is encrypted automatically on an iOS device. Removal of the device will kill the encryption key which makes it impossible to get that back.

During an emergency, you can consult someone at an Apple Support Centre.

Wrappings Things Up

Hopefully, this article covers all the effective ways pertaining to how to factory reset iPad. Therefore, go through this article diligently to know each and every detail.

Moreover, you can refer to the user guide to get a quick glance. Apart from this, if you have a new suggestion, you can provide that in the comment section.