What To Do When The MacBook Running Slow

A huge number of people prefer the Apple MacBook Air because of its swift multi-touch gesture. On the other hand, its high-end features and moderate performance level with trackpad make it more flexible to use. However, like any electronic devices, it is not entirely free from technical glitches. Similarly, you may often encounter MacBook running slow for various factors. In this regard, our professional Apple Customer Support Team for Apple has come up with a few necessary details on this matter.

“MacBook Running Slow”- Possible Causes

Despite having the high-end functionalities, some of the significant drawbacks make the MacBook Air users very irritated. These are some of the possible causes that can be the reason behind the MacBook trouble.

Take a look of Macbook running slow:

Outdated MacOS

If you are using the old version of the Operating System in your Macbook, then you will get a pop-up alert regarding the update. Moreover, your device might give you a slow response. Thus, the “MacBook air running slow” difficulty appears.

Hard Drive Issue

If you have stored more items in the Hard drive of your MacBook Air, then you might encounter your MacBook running slow and the performance of the processor will be dull. So hard drive problems can often lead your device to this particular error.

Running Applications In Background

If you have opened too many apps, the device starts showing slow performance due to extreme usage. It reduces the internal memory space as the number of pages increase. Therefore, the throughput of the processor becomes sluggish and the MacBook starts responding slowly.

Spotlight Error

A spotlight is the internal search engine of MacBook Air. Therefore, if the spotlight becomes overloaded for using one drive in the Old Mac, the performance becomes poor. Passing the large file through a single drive becomes create several conflicts in MacBook Air.

Browser Cache Full

If your browser stores too many junk files, multiple problems may take place. Moreover, if your browser cache memory is showing full due to low memory, then it affects the MacBook performance. Therefore, your device starts responding slowly.

Easy Solutions For MacBook Air Running Slow

Have a look into the given solutions of macbook running slow described in the article.

Way 1: Clean Desktop Data

If too many files are cluttered in your desktop, then your PC gets slow. Therefore, while you are opening an app automatically, it won’t be able to give you a real-time performance. So remove those files from your desktop display and save them in a folder.

Way 2: Update MacOS

First, connect your MacBook with the Wired/Wireless network. Before updating, you must create a backup of all the data on your system. Next, turn on your MacBook device and click on the Apple icon from the menu bar. Finally, choose the “software update ” option for upgrading your Macbook Operating system. Now reboot your MacBook Air and check whether the same thing arises or not.

Way 3: Clear Cache

First, open Finder and select “Go To Folder” option. Type ” ~/ Library/Caches” path for getting the Cache folder directly and press “Enter” to proceed. Now delete all the date inside of the subfolders of the Cache memory. Clear the Trash memory as well. Finally, restart your MacBook system to repair the Cache.

If you are still fed up with the MacBook running slow, you may get in touch with Apple Support for a permanent fix.

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