How to Resolve Mac App Store Error 500 Internal Server?

If you are experiencing Mac App Store Error 500 on your device, it won’t allow you to Sign in or download anything using your App Store account. You might try to restore your system or update macOS to its latest version but, it might not be enough to fix this problem. So, when you face this error on a stable and less troublesome Operating System like Mac, it can be quite annoying. However, before fixing error 500 on the App Store, you must be aware of its underlying causes.

In this article, you can go through some of the possible reasons that can trigger this 500 error code on Mac devices. Also, you will come across a few technical fixes to troubleshoot this App Store issue on the macOS. In case, you are looking for professionals to resolve this Mac error, go through this article to know about the services from our Apple Support team.

Some Information on Apple Error 500 and Its Possible Causes

Often, the issue of App Store error 500 Mac occurs unexpectedly along with a popup message on an incomplete operation. The users who experienced this error, they don’t even get to know the actual problem of its occurrence.

However, this error can surface on your Mac in various formats due to different reasons. So, you can come across this issue as HTTP error 500, Internal server error, Apple error 500, HTTP 500 Internal error, or 500 Internal server error. But, in order to troubleshoot any of this App Store error, you need to go through the causes first.

App Store Error 500

Reasons Why Mac App Store Error 500 Occurs

The following points cover some of the possible causes that can generate the issue of App Store error 500 on Mac-based devices.

  • Many times, Apple’s server or data center can go down due to various technical issues. During this time, high volume access to App Store or any other Mac application can lead to error code 500.
  • If your Mac is running any corrupted application, service or operations, it can generate 500 Internal server error.  Also, pay attention to the missing directories, and improper system settings, which can cause this problem.
  • In case your device gets malware, spyware or virus issues during any suspicious download, it can produce App Store error.
  • Make sure you are not running any outdated or incompatible program or hardware on your Mac. Otherwise, this can also generate the error code 500 due to a software conflict.

Methods to Learn How to Fix 500 Internal Server Error on Mac

Try the following solutions to resolve Mac App Store 500 Internal server error on your system.

Method 1: Update macOS on your Device

An older and outdated Mac Operating Systems can be a major issue behind App Store error code 500. Hence, you need to make sure that the macOS version on your device is up to the date. Simply, open the Apple menu and hit the tab for the App Store. Then, click on the ‘Updates’ button and allow Mac to search for suitable programs to fix an internal server problem.

Method 2: Go Through Login Items

First, restart your Mac by operating in Safe Mode and check if there is an issue with login item or startup programs. This can often require technical assistance from Apple Customer Support professionals to test Mac devices. So, if you find any login error, click on ‘System Preferences’.

Then, choose the option of ‘Users & Groups’ and click on your account to find the tab for ‘Login Items’. On clicking this, find the list of items that are responsible for error 500 App Store Mac. You need to hit the minus button for deleting these items from your system.

Method 3: Clear Junk, Temporary, and Cache Files

To apply this method, install an effective Mac optimization tool and use the feature of ‘System Scan’. Once it detects all the issues along with unnecessary items like cache, temporary, and junk files, it’ll delete them from Mac. Hopefully, after rebooting, you will no longer see notification regarding error 500.

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Fix App Store Error 500 with our Apple Customer Service

Many times, applying the above methods may not troubleshoot the problem of Mac App Store error 500 on your device. This is when you may have to remove or uninstall problematic applications from Mac to fix internal server error. So, you can get in touch with our experts at Apple Support to provide the best-in-class solutions for App Store error. To place your order or talk to our support team regarding 500 error code, you can dial our helpline number. Also, you can email us your queries regarding Apple or Mac issues and obtain an affordable and time-bound solution.