Know the 5 Ways to Fix iTunes Error 3600

iTunes has a number of issues that might spring up while working with it. One such issue is error 3600. This error i.e. iTunes error 3600, mostly occur when trying to update your iOS device to a newer version. Or, it can also occur when trying to back up your device through iTunes. Generally, this 3600 error on iTunes comes up due to changes in Network Settings. For example, if your PC has an account with administrator access, you need to log in to the same account in order to complete the restoration process. If you are using, say, a guest account, then perhaps updating or restoring your iOS device wouldn’t be possible, and the error 3600 iTunes show.

If you are encountering the same error on the iTunes, then don’t worry. We have sorted out the most relevant solutions of this particular error and mentioned them in this article. So, go through this article thoroughly and find the fix that works the best for you. If however, the issue is not resolved even after following the solutions as mentioned, then you can always connect with the Apple Support team for resolution of this and any other issue that you might encounter on your iOS device.

iTunes Error 3600: Steps to Resolve

Mentioned below are the fixes to this iTunes error 3600. Make sure you follow them in the order given. You may not have to apply all of the solutions. Just work your way through the list until the issue resolves.

Fix 1: Update iTunes

If you are using an older version of iTunes, then it can lead to this error 3600. So, before performing any sort of update or back up, you should always make sure that iTunes is up to the date. So, check if there are any updated version of iTunes available for downloading. If there is, just update iTunes to the latest version.

Fix 2: Perform a Restart of both iPhone and Computer to Fix iTunes error 3600

A simple restart can resolve a multitude of issues including this iTunes error 3600. So, before following any other fixes, you should always perform a restart of your iOS device. Here’s how:

For iPhone X: Press and hold the side button and either volume button. A slider will appear. Drag the slider to completely turn off your iPhone. Now, press the side button again to turn your iPhone on.

iPhone 8 or earlier: Press and hold the top or side button until a slider appears. Slide your phone to completely off. Now, press and hold the same button again until your iPhone turns on.

Fix 3: Check the USB Cable and Port

Sometimes, iTunes error 3600 can simply be a result of a bad connection. The USB cable may be damaged or it may even be a result of some compatibility issues like a bad USB port. To check these situations, you can use a different USB port or a different cable altogether.

If you are having troubles in resolving this error, then you can connect with our Apple Customer Service, for complete resolution of this and any other issue.

Fix 4: Turn Off Anti-Virus to Fix iTunes error 3600

The iTunes error 3600 can also be a result of conflicts of iTunes with the anti-virus or firewall that you are using. The antivirus or firewall can restrict iTunes when trying to update an iOS device. So, you need to turn them off before you attempt for updating your iOS device through iTunes.

Fix 5: Reset Network Settings

Error 3600 on iTunes can also be caused by a bad network. Resetting the Network Settings is a simple yet effective way of changing the settings to its factory version. And thus, any problem that may be due to incorrect network settings is automatically resolved through this process. Follow these steps to reset network settings:

Go to your iPhone settings> General> Reset> Reset Network Settings.

These are the solutions to fix error 3600 on iTunes. Hopefully, after going through these solutions and applying them as mentioned, you can resolve the iTunes error 3600 by yourself. However, if you are facing any difficulty while resolving the issue, or the error doesn’t get resolved by these fixes, then you can always contact us for the best-in-class Apple Customer Support.

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