Try out these 3 Easiest Solutions To Fix iTunes Error 1671

If you are an Apple iPhone user, then you must know about the iTunes. Though the performance of the iTunes is quite good, still this is not free from errors. At the time of updating, you may face iTunes Error 1671. An outdated software of iTunes can cause the issue.

However, you can go through the article to fix the error on your own. Alternatively, if you want to hire an expert to resolve the problem, then you can call us for help. Our Apple Customer Support will guide you further.

What Is iTunes Error 1671?

The Error 1671 mostly happens at the time of updating the software. Similarly, you may face the same error when you try to restore the system. Again, when you try to back up the data to the Apple servers, then you may also encounter the same. According to the Apple Company, third-party antivirus software can sometimes found to be interrupting the iTunes.

iTunes Error 1671

The Reasons Behind The Error 1671 iTunes

Knowing the reasons can help you to identify the suitable solution for you. So, let’s find what causes the error. You may find an obsolete software of iTunes can be causing the problem. Similarly, if you are using an outdated Operating System, then you may receive the error message. In case, your system has a third-party antivirus; then that can interrupt the iTunes. More than one USB controller can cause the error code. There can be several other reasons apart from these discussed but the given methods can help you to resolve the error.

How To Fix The Error Code 1671?

To fix the issue on your own, have a look at the given solutions. These solutions are a result of extensive research from the parts of our certified engineers and are only posted when they have proven their own worth in resolving the issue.

Solution 1: Update The Software

First of all, update the iTunes Software to remove the issue. If you are using an outdated software, then the problem may arise. So, it is better to upgrade the software periodically. To download the latest update, you can visit the manufacturer’s website. Now, download the most recent update and install it. After that, restart your system and check whether the error exists or not.

Solution 2: Disable The Antivirus

Secondly, if you are using a third-party antivirus to protect the system, then it can prevent the iTunes. You can disable the antivirus to erase the error. You can disable it from the System Security. After that, restart the system and try to use the iTunes. If you find the iTunes Error 1671 till now, then try the next process.

Solution 3: Perform Factory Reset

Again, you can try to reset the settings of the iPhone to remove the unknown error 1671. Before performing the step, remember that you will lose all your data and all the settings you have changed. However, you can reset the iPhone with the help of these instructions. Press the Volume key and the power key together until you see the Apple logo. Now wait for a while, and the iPhone will be reset. Try to open the iTunes, and you may find the error disappears.

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