Resolve With Easy Steps If Your iPhone Won’t Charge

When your iPhone is not charging but still connecting to the power outlet, there can be several guesses that run in your mind. iPhone Won’t Charge is a very common problem that several iPhone users often come up with. But there is nothing to freak out as our iPhone professionals are here to help you with the right solutions. You can check out this article to know the reasons behind the iPhone charging problem and a few quick-fixes to resolve it. If you want to avail technical support to fix the issue of iPhone not charging error, contact our iPhone Tech Support Professionals.

Know Why The iPhone Won’t Charge Properly

You might be stressing yourself thinking of what went wrong with your device. There can be multiple reasons why your iPhone won’t Charge and the causes can be either the device, the power outlet or even both. So, the first thing you can do is to observe the current status of the iPhone battery from its icon.

Check if the battery icon is having a lightning bolt symbol next to it. If this symbol is there or the charging LED is glowing, it is evident that your iPhone is charging. But, if you can’t see any sign of charging, then it is important to know what’s causing this problem with the iPhone charger.

Why iPhone Charger Not Working?

There are many reasons for which your iPhone Won’t Charge properly. Like-

Faulty Charging Port

Clogged iPhone port is one of the primary reasons why the charger is not working properly. This can happen due to pocket lint, debris, and dust or some other reason that is blocking the device port. So, if you notice that there is an obstacle in the iPhone port, it can be the cause of this charging error.

Defective Cable

If you are having any issue with the charger, it can happen because of tear or breakage in the connecting or USB cable. Even a small damage in the connecting cord can cause the iPhone to not charge.

Power Outlet Issue

In case a particular power or wall outlet is not charging the iPhone properly, it can generate this error. There can be an internal issue with the outlet as well that is stopping the device from charging.

iPhone Battery Damage

Sometimes, the real issue can be with the battery which is causing this problem and not the iPhone or the power cable. So, if the battery is damaged or needs a total replacement, the charging process can stop at any time.

Corrupt Or Damaged iPhone

If you are having a corrupt iPhone due to malware or technical damage, then also you can get this charging issue.

Methods To Solve iPhone Won’t Charge Error

You can go through these following troubleshooting methods to fix the iPhone Won’t Charge issue.

By Hard Reset Of iPhone Device to Fix iPhone Won’t Charge

Sometimes, the iPhone hanging issue can cause several other issues like charger problems. So, you may perform a hard reset to fix this error on a primary basis.

Repair Cable And Unclog Charging Port

Since the clogged cable is one of the major causes of generating charging issue in iPhones. Hence, you must brush out the debris from the iPhone’s charging port to fix this problem. Many users use anti-static toothbrushes to clean the iPhone charger port for solving charger errors.

Use DFU Restore On iPhone

In case the iPhone totally stopped charging, the problem can get solved by using a DFU restore. So, with the help of DFU, it will erase iPhone memory and restore the default factory settings. This method can remove internal errors that are responsible for charger issues.

Dial Apple Support Number To Fix The iPhone Won’t Charge Issue

You may try to fix the charger and if your iPhone Won’t Charge by applying these above steps, it’s time to connect with our iPhone Customer Service Expert. Our technical team consists of highly talented iPhone Tech Support Team who can resolve this charger issue and any other technical problem.

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