What are the Ways to Fix iPad Activation Error?

iPad activation error one of the most annoying troubles that occur at the time time of activating or accessing it. Moreover, the error message comes in different ways such as “ Activation Error – Activation request could not be completed” and it can be appeared on the display as “Your iPad could not be activated”. 

However, the server related issues or the internet connection problem causes this kind of error very often. Therefore, we are going to talk about the steps to mitigate the iPad activation error effectively. 

Resolve iPad Activation Error with Some Effective Ways:

Some of the technical ways might help you to overcome the iPad activation error effectively. Moreover, you can also follow the steps below to mitigate this critical error within a short period of time.

Check the Internet Connection

If you are using the wired connection, then you might check the Ethernet cable first. If it is defective, then replace the wires as soon as possible. Again, you must check whether the port is working not.

Sometimes, a port problem causes the device recognization issues and then you can face the internet connection problem easily. 

In the case of the wireless connection, you might check the router connection. If the router issue is found, then press the RESET key from the back of the router and fix this connection error. However, you need you to consult with the ISP for further technical assistance.

Now, connect the iPad and try to perform the activation program to verify whether the problem still persists or not. 

Modify the Network Settings

You can fix the Network Setting error and overcome the iPad Activation problem easily.

  1. First, right-click on the Network icon ether Ethernet or Wi-Fi icon at the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  2. Now, choose open the Network and Sharing Center from the pop-up and click on the Change the Adapter Settings from the left panel of the next window.
  3. Next, choose the connection that you are using currently and right-click on it.
  4. After that, choose Properties option from the pop-up menu that appears on the screen and click on the Networking tab from the Properties window.
  5. Then, make sure that both the protocols IPV4 and IPV6 are enabled and tap on the Properties tab from the same window.
  6. Check whether the DNS server address is entered correctly or not and leave the alternate Domain Name System field.
  7. Now, click on the OK button and close the Networking Settings window.
  8. Finally, try to connect the internet to the system and also connect the iPad. Then, try to activate the iPad to check whether the activation error still persists or not. 

Remove the Activation Locks

Sometimes, an activation lock creates a problem in activating the iPad and shows an Activation error like a major issue. 

Hence, you have to remove the activation locks in order to get rid of the error instantly.

  1. First, turn on the Apple device and go to the iCloud.com from your Safari browser. Now, sign in the account with the Apple ID.
  2. After that, connect the iPad to that system and open the Find my iPad section from the window.
  3. Here, you need to enter the passcode and confirm by entering the same in the confirmation text box.
  4. After that, choose all Devices from the next window and locate the device which can’t be activated and click on Remove from the account section.
  5. Finally, turn on the iPhone device and try to activate it again. 

Reactivate the iPad via iTunes to Fix iPad Activation Error

iTunes is one of the built-in apps that helps to activate the iPad effectively within a short period of time. Now, do the following:

  1. First, reboot the iPad and connect it with a USB cable via the iTunes app.
  2. Now, choose the device and you can see the option, “Activate your iPhone/iPad” on the iTunes page.
  3. Next, enter the correct credentials such as the Apple ID and passcode.
  4. Finally, hit the Continue button and activate the iPad.

Sum it Up

In this article, we have introduced different methods to remove the iPad activation error effectively. Moreover, it helps to enhance the performance of the iPad with ease.

So, we hope this article will help you to help to activate the iPhone and iPad without encountering any technical hassle.