How to Troubleshoot this Error Code 5105 iTunes?

Are you are experiencing the iTunes error code 5105? It is one of the most common problems that many users are facing these days. Usually, you may come across this error while making any purchases or transactions on iTunes. So, when this problem occurs, it displays a notification that states your request won’t be processed. Hence, it shows the error code 5105 iTunes and prevents you from purchasing anything at all. However, there is nothing to worry, as you can easily resolve this iTunes error with the help of a few technical fixes. So, if you want to learn “how to fix error code 5105?” and launch iTunes successfully, go through this article.

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Common Causes of error code 5105 iTunes on your device

The following are some of the major issues with iTunes, which can lead to the error code 5105. In order to troubleshoot error code 5105 iTunes, you will need the technical knowledge regarding its major causes. Otherwise, you can approach a certified expert from Apple Support team to provide you solutions after discussing the issues. So, let’s check the underlying reasons before proceeding to the solutions for error code 5105.

  • If there are wrongly configured system files, which can produce registry issues in your OS, it can generate 5105 error.
  • In case you are running an incompatible iTunes version on your device, you can experience this error while operating the program.
  • If there are corrupted OS files due to which iTunes apps on your device are getting infected, it can generate error code 5105.
  • Any partial, incomplete or corrupted installation of iTunes can also affect the other relevant programs and cause this issue.
  • If your gadget or system is having any severe virus or malware, it can corrupt the iTunes software or OS files.

What are the Solutions to resolve the error code 5105 in iTunes?

If the problem is not resolved fast, it can display various symptoms in form of system crashes. Often, you will start receiving frequent notifications regarding the same error message 5105 from iTunes. It can also turn your efficient device into a sluggish one and make connected devices like mouse, keyboard unresponsive. So, if you want to fix this iTunes error code 5105, check out the following fixes suggested by Apple Customer Service professionals.

Solution 1: Acquire Administrative Rights to run iTunes

In most cases, you can fix the error code 5105 in iTunes if you lack Admin permits on your PC or device. This is one of the main reason why iTunes produce this error notification and crashes the program. Hence, you need to run iTunes with administrative settings to remove error 5105.

For launching iTunes with the Admin privilege, locate the application icon for iTunes and right-click on it. From the list of items in the drop-down menu, select the option of ‘Run as administrator’. Also, select ‘Yes’ tab when you are asked to confirm this action to launch iTunes.

Solution 2: Remove or Disable the Bonjour Service

Along with iTunes, users also get the privilege to use the Bonjour service on their devices. However, there are chances of this service to cause interference with the iTunes program and produce 5105 error. Hence, you can try to fix this issue by either deleting Bonjour or simply disabling it.

To disable Bonjour, open the Windows Task Manager and click on the ‘Services’ tab. Next, you need to right-click on the ‘Bonjour Service’ and then, hit the ‘Stop’ button for disabling it.

Solution 3:  Delete the junk files from your system

If there are too many junks accumulating in your PC, over the time it can conflict with system or program files including iTunes. In addition to this, the files can consume a lot of space on the disk or computer’s memory. This can be a possible cause of generating error 5105 while launching or storing any media using iTunes. So, the best way to deal with this error code is to clear all the junk data and components from your PC.

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