3 Effective Steps to Resolve the Mac Error Code 1025

The error code 1025 is a clear indication of the Mac device unable to create Mailbox. This is one of the common errors that annoy Apple users. The error generally takes place during the update process of the Mac Outlook. Either that or during the operation on the IMAP account. However, it is a common suggestion that the users update their Outlook version to be compatible with the Mac device. Also, we recommend the users to create an IMAP account a new and then delete the earlier one.

However, stick through this article in order to fix the Outlook Error 1025 with the detailed guide present in the remaining section of the article. Also, you can seek professional Apple Support to treat the issue comprehensively without hassles.

3 Quick and Effective Steps to Fix the Mac Error Code 1025

The Apple device tends to manifest the Outlook issue due to various reasons. One of which is due to the conflict during the update of the Mac Outlook application.

However, you can resolve the Error Code 1025 in three simple and convenient steps which are discussed underneath:

Step 1: Access the Mac Outlook Account

First, you must visit your Mac Outlook account after which you must proceed to select the Tools menu. Then, click on the icon that triggers the Account details to appear. After that, proceed to select the IMAP account that you desire to eliminate.

Finally, move on to hit the ‘-’ or the minus button in order to delete the account with complete ease. In case you find the steps hectic and challenging, connect with experts at a reputed Apple customer Support agency.

Step 2: Re-create the Account

Now, you must be careful in creating the account a new. Firstly, launch and enter into your Mac Outlook account. But, note the fact that in case you already hold an account, this step is not necessary at all. So, all you must do is to hit the ‘+’ sign in order to add the e-mail account.

Step 3: Type-in all the Credentials

After the previous step, you must enter the credentials of the account that you hold. After that, click on the button that indicates to Add an account. Click on the icon ‘More Options’ after which you must select the option that indicates to use incoming server data from the authentication box. Proceed with the verification procedure then hit the OK button.

Now that you know how to fix the error 1025 Outlook Mac, you can conveniently continue with the previous seamless functions and with the earlier smooth workflow. The above-mentioned steps provide a comprehensive guide aiming to aid the system and troubleshoot the error code 1025.

Contact Apple Support Team for Streamline Services

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