Fix Apple Music Error 12894 with Simple Tricks

At times, you might encounter Apple Music Error 12894 while trying to play a particular. When the error occurs, your device automatically starts playing the next song. The problem continues even if you click repeatedly on the problematic song and download it again on your device. It is an unknown error of the Apple Music that can occur due to many reasons. The problem might appear due to the faulty USB cable you are using to connect your iOS device to your PC.

On the other hand, your device might be running an outdated version of iTunes or there are internet connectivity issues. Misconfigured system files are yet another possible reason for this error. Read through this article to identify the exact source of iTunes error 12894. You can connect with our Apple Customer Support and we are going to fix your issue whatever might be the cause.

Methods to Fix Apple Music Error 12894

Move your way down the solutions of Apple Music Error 12894 discussed below and try the one applicable for your iOS device.

Method 1: Replace the USB Cable

Use another USB cable for connecting your device to your PC. Then, play that song related to 12894 Apple Music error. Your device plays the song correctly without displaying the error if the problem lies with the USB cable itself. If the problem continues, then connect your device to another USB port of the PC and check the issue once again.

Method 2: Check the Internet Connection

Check the status of the internet connection and see the number of devices using that particular network. If many devices are connected to this network, then switch on to another wireless network. After that, connect your device to your PC and play that song to check if the trick resolved the issue.

Method 3: Restart your iOS Device

Often a soft reset can fix such the minor technical issues successfully. Hence, press and hold both the ‘Power’ and ‘Volume’ buttons at the same time. Do not release them until the ‘Slide to Power Off’ command appears. Then, drag the power slider to the right and wait for 30 seconds at least. Now, press and hold the Power button until your device reboots.

If the soft reset is not enough to fix this issue, then you have to perform a hard reset or forced reset. It is going to end all the running services that have gone corrupted on your device. So, press the ‘Volume Up’ button and release it immediately. Repeat this step for the ‘Volume Down’ button as well. Then, press and hold the Power button until the Apple logo appears on the display. Connect your device to the PC, launch iTunes and play the song without any issues.

Method 4: Update iTunes

Click on the Apple menu and launch the App Store. Click on the ‘Updates’ menu to find out the pending updates. Go to the ‘Software Updates’ section, tap the ‘More’ button and locate the ‘iTunes Update’ option. Hit the ‘Update’ button next to the ‘iTunes Update’ option to download the latest version of iTunes.

The ‘iTunes Updates’ option disappears from the ‘Software Updates’ section when the latest version of iTunes is installed on your PC. In the end, double-click on the iTunes icon to launch this app on your PC.

Method 5: Uninstall and Reinstall iTunes

You need to reinstall iTunes in order to check whether the problem was arising due to a corrupted installation of iTunes. So, backup all your data and iTunes related information. Connect your device to your PC, right-click on iTunes and select ‘Uninstall.’ Then, search for the latest version of iTunes and download it on your PC. Click on the ‘Install’ button to launch the updated version of this application on your PC. Play the song to ensure that the problem is solved.

Method 6: Repair the Misconfigured System Files(Apple Music Error 12894)

Misconfigured system files have been found to cause Apple Music error 12894. Hence, it’s better to run the System File Checker, an inbuilt tool and fix the issue instantly. To do that, launch Command Prompt and enter ‘sf/scan now’ in it to launch the System File Checker. The tool scans your system files and repairs the misconfigured files.

Method 7: Enable iCloud Music Library

Go to ‘Settings,’ open ‘Music’ and enable ‘iCloud Music Library.’ Click ‘Merge’ on the pop-up message to confirm the action. Restart both your device and PC after a few minutes and play the problematic song again.

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