What are the Possible Ways to fix Apple MobilePhone Error 1035?

Apple Error 1035 occurs while updating or setting up the voicemail on iOS devices. This error no longer allows you to use voicemail on your iPhone. As it is a mobile network related issue, the solution differs from one mobile carrier to another. This article has explained some workarounds for you to fix Apple mobilephone error 1035. If the solutions seem too difficult for you, then feel free to connect with Apple Customer Support team.

Reasons why Apple voicemail not working

Apple error code 1035 will not occur if you have updated your iOS. But, the majority of Apple users have encountered this issue. The problem lies in the previous configuration method of the iOS device. Moreover, the problem depends on the way the update blends with the current settings of the device. You might face this issue if the current Apple iPhone voicemail setup is not in accordance with the updated device. In addition, a single bug in the update might conflict with the iPhone functions. Furthermore, an outdated firmware or glitches in the network settings might lead to this error.

Solutions to fix Apple mobilephone error 1035

Take a quick glance at the proper ways and apply them to fix Apple Mobilephone Error 1035.

Methods 1: Fix Airplane Mode

Airplane mode is a feature to disconnect your iPhone from the cellular signal. As it is turned off by default, you will need to turn on this feature. So go to ‘Settings’ and turn on the toggle for Airplane mode. Reconnect to your cell tower for receiving a better signal. Navigate to voicemail and it will work again if this solution has worked correctly.

Method 2: Reset Network Settings

Open the ‘Settings’ app and navigate to the ‘General’ tab. Then ‘Reset Network Settings’ option from the drop-down menu of the ‘Reset’ option. Reboot your phone and the voicemail will work as expected. Make a note of the WiFi router passwords otherwise, you might lose them after resetting the network settings.

Method 3: Reset your Apple Voicemail Password

This method has worked with many users, so you can also give it a try. Hence go to ‘Settings’ and choose ‘Phone.’ Then tap ‘Change Voicemail Password’ option and set a new password for your voicemail. Finally hit the ‘Save’ button to apply the changes.

Method 4: Reset your Voicemail

Press and hold ‘1’ on the dial keypad of your device and then ‘*’ to enter the main menu. Now press ‘3’ to access the Greetings menu followed by ‘2’ for recording a new greeting. The existing recordings play first when you replace it with the new greeting. Start recording the greeting when prompted and press ‘#’ key to end the process. Finally, press ‘1’ to make the recording as your voicemail greeting.

Method 5: Reboot your device

Tap and hold the Power button until the ‘Slide to Power off’ dialog box appears. Drag the slider to turn off your device for 30 seconds at least. Then Press and hold the Power button to do a soft reset. The Apple logo appears and the iPhone boots up to fix the voicemail.

Method 6: Check and install carrier settings update

Update your carrier settings in order to make it compatible with the new iOS installed in your device. Go to ‘Settings’ and navigate to the ‘About’ section under the ‘General’ tab. If an update is pending, then tap the install button next to it and get it on your device. Reboot your device and the voicemail will resume its work.

Method 7: Update the firmware

Connect your device to a wireless network and launch a web browser. Search online for an updated version of the firmware. If you find an updated version, then tap the ‘Update’ button and get it installed on your device.

Method 8: Restore iOS through iTunes

A system downgrade has often proved to be an effective way of fixing post-update issues. So, create a backup of your device and then proceed with the process. Connect your device with a computer via a USB cable and wait until iTunes recognizes your device. Then open iTunes, select your device and restore the iOS to a previous version. After that, follow the instructions coming up on the computer’s screen and end the process.

Method 9: Update iOS to its latest version and check Apple mobilephone error 1035 is resolved or not

Go to ‘Settings’ and select ‘Software Update’ under the ‘General tab. You will come to know if an update is available. Then click on ‘Download’ button and then the ‘Install’ button to update your device to its latest version. Reboot your device and check whether the voicemail is working or not.

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