Guide for Chromecast Setup on Mac

Before the arrival of Chromecast, users were required to install additional software for sending photos, audio, and videos wirelessly to their television. But with the introduction of chromecast, the process of sending photos from your Mac to television has been eased up. By using Chromecast, you will be able to view contents on a big screen at your home or office. You can’t perform this task unless you know how to do Chromecast Setup on Mac. 

Hence, this article contains the A-Z of Google Chromecast along with its entire setup process. 

Primary Requirements for Setting Up Google Chromecast:

Fire arrange a television, projector, internet connection, and a Mac computer and before going through the physical setup of Chromecast. Let’s get started with the Chromecast setup for Mac. 

Step 1: Connecting Chromecast

Make sure that you have a USB Type-A and USB Micro B cable for charging, HDMI short extension cable, Chromecast HDMI dongle, and power outlet. 

Connect the Google Chromecast to the HDMI socket at the back of your television set. Plugin the USB Micro B connector into the Google Chromecast Dongle and the USB Type-A connector into a USB port of your TV.

 If your television lacks a USB port, then connect the connector to an electrical outlet. 

Use a short HDMI extender cable in order to extend the range of your Chromecast connection. 

Now ensure that the HDMI channel corresponds to the HDMI socket where you have connected Google Chromecast. 

Step 2: Google Chromecast Setup 

  1. Connect your Mac to a stable wireless connection so that you don’t lose connection while performing the setup. 
  2. Use that WiFi to which you want to connect Chromecast. Turn on your Mac and launch a web browser. 
  3. Type ‘’ in the address bar of the browser and press ‘Enter’ to visit the setup page of Chromecast. 
  4. After accessing the page, click the blue ‘Downlaod’ button to download Chromecast on your Mac. 
  5. Windows will display the license terms and conditions which you need to go through and accept. 
  6. After that, tap the ‘Accept’ button to let Chromecast search for available Chromecast devices on the same network. If the search is taking too long, then check whether your Mac is within the range of your router or not. 
  7. If your PC fails to recognize Chromecast, then switch the WiFi to 2.4 GHz mode instead of 5 GHz. 
  8. Next, click on the ‘Setup’ button next to Chromecast and choose your country. Make sure that your TV screen displays the displayed code of Chromecast. 
  9. Click the ‘That’s my code’ button to pair your television with Chromecast. Soon you will receive a confirmation message if you have successfully connected your television to Chromecast. 
  10. Chromecast invites you to install Chromecast when you have connected this app to WiFi. So, press the ‘Get Cast Extension’ button and then the ‘Add’ button to start the installation. 
  11. You will see a confirmation message after the successful installation of Chromecast. 
  12. To verify the installation, check the Chromecast icon in the toolbar of your web browser. 

Step 3: Use Chromecast on Mac

It won’t be of any use if you don’t know how to use Chromecast on Mac. Thus, open the web browser from which you installed Chromecast and click the ‘Cast’ icon in the toolbar. Now, the Chromecast extension and the contents of your browser will appear on your TV screen. 

Chromecast is operational if the icon is blue or grey in color. Now, when you will browse the contents, Chromecast will send them directly to your television. 

Hope, you will now be able to perform Chrome setup Mac without any hassles.