Efficient Method To Change Apple ID On iPhone

iPhone is one of the unique smartphone brands that offers a user-friendly interface and sustainable features globally. But recently after the upgrade of the latest iOS, users are experiencing issues while trying to change Apple ID on iPhone. Even if the users are trying to log in and change their ID, the server doesn’t respond correctly.

As a result, an error message pops up on the iPhone screen as “Something went wrong”. Therefore, it becomes exceptionally anything to change your old ID to a new one.

Don’t worry! This Article will help you out with this issue. Even if after going through all the fixes from here, you are still not sure how to change Apple ID on iPhone, connect with our Apple Support. Get expert guidance from the specialists and get rid of the iPhone troubles at the soonest.

Change Apple ID On iPhone – Prerequisites

The iPhone ID and the email address of the users are always linked, just the password should always be different. Therefore, it becomes quite confusing as the usernames for both the separate accounts match completely.

It is necessary to have access to your email account as Apple requires a verification when you change Apple ID on iPhone. The setup process only starts after the email verifies. Because if it remains unverified, you won’t be able to apply the changes.

Similarly, every time you are switching to a new Apple ID, there won’t be any data loss to your iPhone like all the information marges to the associated email ID. Also, Apple provides backup through its iCloud applications. Whenever you are logging out using the Apple ID, the content automatically gets stored in the backup cloud.

Also, while creating a new account ID, an error message appears as the Apple ID already exists, Even though you have never made any other ID using the same credentials. To make this situation easier, remove the sync of the old Apple ID with your email ID.

Change Apple ID On iPhone With Quick Steps

First of all, sign out of your old account. In the Settings option, select the Apple ID. Move down and click on Log out. You can also opt for the Sign out option through iCloud. Then, provide the old valid password which links with the  Apple ID. Once you provide the password, select the Turn Off option. Confirm the sign-out procedure and close the tab.

Also, you can use a different Apple launcher to change your Apple ID. Go to the Application Settings of your iPhone and log in. Select the email and put a different ID. Provide the newly selected password and choose to Merge all the available information.

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