Resolve iTunes Error 4013 In 3 Different Steps

There is a hardware drawback observed in most iPhones, which generally relates to the faulty port or power cable. To keep it simple, the iTunes Error 4013 generally occurs if there is any connectivity issue between your iPhone and the PC/Mac. The PC recognizes the iPhone after establishing the connection between them to run a…

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Know How To Resolve iTunes Error 3194

iTunes is counted as one of the best media applications developed by Apple. It is a video and audio player that let you access your iOS with ease for an empowering experience of endless entertainment. If you are trying to restore your iPhone, then you may end up facing iTunes Error 3194 message.  To get rid…

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Easy Hacks To Fix iTunes Update Error

It seems that many customers are facing the iTunes Update Error during the installation or the updating process on Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10. So, if you get this error, it means the Windows Installer package is having some technical problems to process the update request. To know about this iTunes issue, check out…

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Get Expert Solution To Fix iTunes Install Error

iTunes Install Error

After the release of iTunes in 2003, the users went through a lot of technical glitches. The most common issue which the users face is the iTunes install error. This error mainly occurs while you are trying to update Windows 10. However, you may encounter this error due to various other causes also. But, this…

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Know the 5 Ways to Fix iTunes Error 3600

itunes error 3600

iTunes has a number of issues that might spring up while working with it. One such issue is error 3600. This error i.e. iTunes error 3600, mostly occur when trying to update your iOS device to a newer version. Or, it can also occur when trying to back up your device through iTunes. Generally, this…

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What to do when Error Code 53 iTunes occurs?

Error code 53 iTunes

iTunes Error 53 occurs when you try to update or restore your iOS device via iTunes. It generally appears when an unauthorized party replaces the Touch ID or components of finger recognition feature in iOS devices. This article has sorted out the possible ways of resolving unknown Error code 53 iTunes. In addition, our Apple…

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What to do when iTunes Error 0xe8000065 occurs?

iTunes Error 0xe8000065

iTunes helps to transfer data and other documents from one Apple device to another. But, it becomes an annoying issue when you fail to retrieve the important data, documents, music files, etc through the iTunes app. Sometimes, while working with iTunes, you can see an unexpected error message, “iTunes Error 0xe8000065.” Once this error shows,…

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Try out these Steps to Fix iTunes Error 5507

iTunes Error 5507

At the time of using iTunes, many users face many kinds of problems these days. These issues are pretty common. And you can also come across some situation by getting an error message saying Home Sharing could not be activated because an error occurred (5507). And this error is known as iTunes Error 5507. If…

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How to fix iTunes Error 590624 with these troubleshooting Steps?

iTunes Error 590624

However, iTunes Error 590624 becomes an issue for Apple customers when they try to recover their business data through the iTunes app and fail to upgrade the iOS device. Therefore, they get stuck with the unexpected error message, “iTunes Error 590624”. We hope this article will be beneficial for you and our Apple Customer Service…

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