3 Unconventional Way to Fix your iPad Not Charging Issue

Grabbed your iPad along with the charger, plugged it into charging socket to charge it, but wait, your iPad not charging. This is weird! You tried by plugging in and switching on and off but it does not make any difference. Well, you can go through this article and find some easy way to solve the…

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Know Some Easy Ways To Change Apple ID On iPad

Change Apple Id On iPad

An Apple ID is the most important tool to use any Apple application in your iPad. To shop from Apple Store or iTunes, sending or receiving messages in iMessage or receiving FaceTime calls, Apple ID plays a crucial role. However, many times when a user wants to switch his/her iPhone or iPad he/she needs to…

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Swift Ways To Fix iPad Is Disabled Connect To iTunes Error

iPad is Disabled Connect to iTunes

You cannot connect your disabled iPad to iTunes as it is not possible for iTunes to recognize the device correctly. When you cannot remember the password, you make multiple wrong passcode attempts. And in return, the system displays that iPad is disabled connect to iTunes. The problem with a disabled iPad is that you cannot…

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Ways on how to Setup Email on iPad?

How to Setup Email on iPad

Do you want to find out how to setup email on iPad in the simplest manner possible? Then, you need not look any further as we are going to show you how to do that. And with the instructions and other information that we have given here, you are going to find it rather simple…

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Know How to Setup as New iPad?

Setup as New iPad

If you want to setup a new iPad, or an older device, you will find a screen which states “Hello” in several languages. You will notice when you switch on the device. However, it depends on your own personal settings. We are here to help you with the entire configuration which will work exactly the…

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Ways to do Factory Reset iPad Instantly

Factory Reset iPad

If you are selling your iPad or facing trouble issue with the absurd behavior of iOS, then Factory Reset is indispensable. You will get to know about the reset options if you move to the Settings option. However, there are certain steps that you must follow which we have outlined in this blog. A Factory…

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How to Transfer Files From PC to iPad?

Transfer Files From PC to iPad

Are you trying to find out how to transfer files from PC to iPad? If that is the case then you have found the right article which is going to show you how to do that and that too in the most efficient manner possible.  Windows PCs are the most common type of computer systems…

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How to Solve iPad Error 1671?

iPad Error 1671

Is the iPad error 1671 the reason why you are not being able to use your iPad? And because of that, you might be facing random problems. Let us assure you that you do not have to worry at all. Because you will be able to fix this issue all by yourself. The instructions that…

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Know How to Solve iPad Error 9

iPad Error 9

Is the iPad error 9 bothering you while using your Apple iPad? If that is the case, then you do not have to worry. As this is something you will be able to fix yourself.  You are going to need clear cut technical instructions for that, which is something that we have listed here. The…

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How to Setup a Printer on iPad?

iPad Printer Setup

The convenience of the wireless printer or using AirPrint technology is quite obvious for the small business development process. Moreover, it becomes more supportive when you capable to print from your iPad like handy devices by using the printer. However, it is essential to know the steps on how to set up the iPad Printer Setup…

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