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Posts by Malcolm Burrows

3 Effective Steps to Resolve the Mac Error Code 1025

The error code 1025 is a clear indication of the Mac device unable to create Mailbox. This is one of the common errors that annoy Apple users. The error generally takes place during the update process of the Mac Outlook. Either that or during the operation on the IMAP account. However, it is a common…

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How to Fix Error Code 18 iTunes?

Error code 18 iTunes is a common issue concerning a good number of Apple users. It generally occurs when you try to restore your iOS device via iTunes. The error stops the restoration process and your device fails to restore. The error can arise at the starting of the restoration process as well as the…

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Try out these Easy Steps to Fix iPhone Error 18

Like all the tech devices the products of Apple are also not glitch-free. At the time of using the iPhone, many of the users face different kinds of annoying errors and, among them, iPhone error 18 is a really frustrating one. One might face this kind of error because of a corrupt media library on…

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Fix Apple Error 1005F with the Most Effective Ways

In today’s world of technology, Mac devices come with lots of unique and advanced features which are broadly preferred by users. You can entirely rely upon it. Whether it is for professional or personal usage, Mac always works perfectly on every platform. However, so many Mac users have reported that they are getting Apple 1005F…

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Try out these Steps to Fix iTunes Error 5507

At the time of using iTunes, many users face many kinds of problems these days. These issues are pretty common. And you can also come across some situation by getting an error message saying Home Sharing could not be activated because an error occurred (5507). And this error is known as iTunes Error 5507. If…

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How To Fix 403 Forbidden Error On Safari Mac?

Apple forbidden error 403 is a common but critical issue for all Apple users. It becomes an annoying issue when you try to access a website but fail to launch it. As a result, the browser window starts to crash immediately and the System starts to freeze. Therefore, you can see an unexpected error message,…

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Fix Apple Music Error 12894 with Simple Tricks

At times, you might encounter Apple Music Error 12894 while trying to play a particular. When the error occurs, your device automatically starts playing the next song. The problem continues even if you click repeatedly on the problematic song and download it again on your device. It is an unknown error of the Apple Music…

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How to Unfreeze a Mac Computer? Some Ways to Fix It

Apple Mac freezing issue is a common but critical error to the Apple users. Moreover, it becomes an annoying issue when you try to access an app from your Mac device and it starts to freeze automatically without showing any alert. The active programs start to crash immediately and show Mac error code in different…

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Quick and Effective Fixes for Error Code 8058

Inspite of being one of the most trusted and recommended brands worldwide many of the users of Apple face many kinds of issues. And when it comes to the Mac issues Error Code 8058 is one of the most annoying ones. And this Mac Error Code 8058 generally occurs to it the Macbook faces any…

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