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Posts by Malcolm Burrows

How to Fix Mac Finder Error Code -36

Seldom it has been found that the users encounter Mac error code -36 while accessing their Mac device. This particular error code basically occurs due to improper OS maintenance.  Thus, you need to take care of the system files, latest updates and as well as the relevant software and so on. When the users find…

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Why the Operation can’t be Completed (Error Code -50)?

Error code -50 is one of the most common issues that is often encountered by a number of users. Basically, it is a file transfer error.  An error message “the operation can’t be completed because an unexpected error occurred (error code -50)” constantly appears on the screen. When the users try to transfer files from…

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What to do if you get Error Code -43 Mac?

Generally, when you try to delete the files on Mac, then the occurrence of Mac Error -43 is not uncommon. Moreover, it also prevents the file transfer operation from your Mac to other devices.  This unexpected error appears on the screen with a message, “The operation can’t be completed because one or more required items…

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How to Perform Hard Reset iPhone 6?

If you enter the wrong password to login to the iOS device, then chances are higher that the device might get locked automatically after a certain attempt. Moreover, you can see an unexpected error message, “your iPhone is disabled”. As a result, you won’t be able to use that device further without ignoring this severe…

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Troubleshoot Apple iCloud Login Errors Manually

Don’t get frustrated if you can’t sign into iCloud. There are a number of users who are encountering the same problem with their device.  Due to the misconfiguration between your device and iColud server, this problem occurs. But it is not too challenging to solve the problem. You can easily get rid of the issue…

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What to do if your iPad won’t charge?

iPad won’t charge is one of the major problems that hamper the entire working principles of iPad. Moreover, the device can be useless without charging and this severe issue becomes very critical if it is happening for a long period of time. However, we are going to give some of the effective tips to fix…

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How to Fix iPad Error 9006?

At times, iPad users face different sorts of difficulties while accessing their device. if you are facing an iPad error 9006, then it could because of some wrong configuration.  Most of the time, the users get this issue when they are going to restore or update their iPad. In such instances, you might get an…

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Solve iPad Error 4005 with Effective Methods

iPad Error 4005 is one of the most frequently encountered errors that is reported by a number of users.  This error code usually occurs during the restoring or updating process that interrupts the entire method and makes your iPad a useless one. But you should know the proper causes beyond the issue to fix it…

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Methods to Get Rid of iPhone White Screen

iPhone is undoubtedly one of the most reliable devices which are used by several users across the world. But like other devices, this device is also not error-free.  You might get in trouble if you face the iPhone white screen issue. This sounds scary and the users might get puzzled. But no need to worry…

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How to do Apple Router Setup Manually?

The Apple Router Setup is something that is very important for you to do. And let us go ahead and tell you something more about it.  The process of Apple wireless router setup is something that you will be able to do yourself. But you are going to need clear cut technical instructions for that. …

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