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Resolve iTunes Error 4013 In 3 Different Steps

There is a hardware drawback observed in most iPhones, which generally relates to the faulty port or power cable. To keep it simple, the iTunes Error 4013 generally occurs if there is any connectivity issue between your iPhone and the PC/Mac. The PC recognizes the iPhone after establishing the connection between them to run a…

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Troubleshoot iPhone Error 9 With Quick Hacks

iPhone Error 9

Are you experiencing iPhone error 9 on your device? Basically, the error occurs while executing firmware update or while remodeling of the Apple iPhone 6 through iTunes. However, specific fixes can mitigate the error altogether. But you need to know the reasons behind this particular error. This article will provide you with all the details…

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Quick Hacks For MacBook Air Battery Replacement

Macbook Air Battery Replacement

MacBook Air, a line of Macintosh sub notebook computers has an exclusive and engaging design. This product is supplied with high-end features, manufactured by Apple Inc. With an incredible battery life that allows you to work unplugged for 12 hours, it delivers the best performance among others. Despite being user-friendly, there can be abrupt battery…

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How To Change Apple ID Email With Expert Guidance

Change Apple Id Email

If you are using an Apple device, you may need to create an Apple ID in order to access the Apple Services. Apple ID credentials are required to activate or use any feature on your iDevice. It may happen that at some point, you may need to change the Apple ID. This might sound very…

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How To Factory Reset Macbook Pro – Get Instant Help

How to Factory Reset MacBook Pro

Apple has been satisfying user requirements with its wide range of high-tech gadgets. MacBook Pro is not an exception in that case. However, with regular usage, you may come across critical errors with your Macbook. Are you wondering how to factory reset MacBook Pro? This article will help you with the steps that you can…

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3 Unconventional Way to Fix your iPad Not Charging Issue

Grabbed your iPad along with the charger, plugged it into charging socket to charge it, but wait, your iPad not charging. This is weird! You tried by plugging in and switching on and off but it does not make any difference. Well, you can go through this article and find some easy way to solve the…

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Learn How To Open RAR Files On Mac

How To Open RAR Files On Mac

As technology is improving at a rapid rate, the user is becoming more aware of its maximum utilization. There are several devices designed by Apple, and it runs on Mac OS. and in this article, we going to discuss how to open RAR files on Mac. Go through this article to learn the process in…

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Know How To Resolve iTunes Error 3194

iTunes is counted as one of the best media applications developed by Apple. It is a video and audio player that let you access your iOS with ease for an empowering experience of endless entertainment. If you are trying to restore your iPhone, then you may end up facing iTunes Error 3194 message.  To get rid…

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The Beginners Guide To Delete Apple ID

Delete Apple Id

Well, if you have Apple ID, you can easily sign in to iCloud in order to protect your personal contact keep them synced with all Apple devices. Besides, you can sign in to the iTunes, Books, and Apps store to make purchases and even you can access the previous purchases. Now, if you sign in…

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Resolve With Easy Steps If Your iPhone Won’t Charge

iPhone Won't Charge

When your iPhone is not charging but still connecting to the power outlet, there can be several guesses that run in your mind. iPhone Won’t Charge is a very common problem that several iPhone users often come up with. But there is nothing to freak out as our iPhone professionals are here to help you…

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