Solve Apple TV Remote Not Working Issue With Tech Experts

The issue of Apple TV remote not working can give you a headache if you can’t live without your favorite programs, news or sports even for a single day. ┬áSo, if you are finding this remote issue quite annoying then you can release your tension by a bit at least after you know that most of the Apple TV users are reporting the same problem. To know the causes which leads your Apple TV remote to stop functioning, follow this article. It will also help you to learn a few methods to troubleshoot this remote control problem. If you want to consult a TV technician to resolve the Apple remote issue, consult our Apple Support Team.

Why Does Apple TV Remote Not Working Occur?

Many Apple TV customers prefer this Siri based remote control device because of a few attractive features. It includes channel browsing and voice control mechanisms that serve as the major attractions for these users. But, along with them there also comes the nagging issue of Apple TV remote not working. So, it can be quite frustrating if you don’t know the actual reason behind this remote control error.

Check out these common causes if your Apple TV remote stops working:

  • If there is a need to replace the batteries of your remote control but it’s not done yet, you can assume that it is not working anymore.
  • You can simply be blocking the path unknowingly, between the remote and the TV set and it might seem like a technical error.
  • In case the remote control unit is using the IR signal instead of RF, this error can generate.
  • If there is any technical problem with the hardware part in the controlling unit, you can get this issue. Especially, when the transceiver unit inside the remote device can’t align with the signals coming from the Apple TV.

There can be even some advanced issues with either the Apple television set or the remote control unit, which is causing this error. Hence, you can consult a certified Apple technician to fix this problem and restore remote control functions.

Troubleshoot Apple TV Remote Not Working?

Before getting into the troubleshooting steps to fix the problem of Apple TV not working, you must know a few things about the Siri Remote control unit.

Apply The Methods To Fix The Error

You can follow these simple methods to resolve this Apple TV remote issue:

1.Pair Apple TV And Remote Unit

Try to pair up your remote and Apple TV and modify the remote settings for proper alignment between these two. If you don’t know how to change the Apple remote settings, contact our support team to be informed.

2. Reset Siri Remote

The best way to fix this remote not working problem is by the reset method. Simply press both the Volume Up and Menu options simultaneously and reset the control unit. This will resolve the error and initiate the pairing mode again.

3. Restart Apple TV

If you can’t fix this problem by modifying the remote settings, try restarting the TV instead. Press both the Volume Down and Menu buttons to initiate the device restart. Also, if the TV display shows any signs of the batteries not working, then replace the remote battery and restart Apple TV to resolve this error.

There can be many other methods of fixing to eliminate this remote problem in your Apple TV altogether. So, consult a certified technician for a permanent solution to fix TV remote errors by availing our services.

Approach Apple Support For Apple TV Remote Problems

If these above troubleshooting steps can’t fix the problem of the Apple TV remote not working issue, it’s time to try a different approach to resolve it. You can contact our Apple TV Support professionals to resolve this TV remote problem.

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