The Ultimate Guide to Fix Apple TV Not Working

With the addition of the Siri remote, apps and an excellent TV Guide, Apple TV has gone better and better. Though this masterpiece from Apple is very capable as a streamer, it is not impermeable to the problems. There are a handful of issues you may face when using your Apple TV. It becomes annoying when you find your Apple TV not working.

Here is the article, to help you through. I have enlisted the five most common reasons that cause your Apple TV not working. If your Apple TV won’t turn on try to check the following things to troubleshoot the issue. Also, you can connect with our Apple Customer Service by dialing the toll-free number to resolve your issues and get an instant solution.

Apple TV Not Working

Fix: Apple TV Not Working

The problem can be elementary, take a look at some of the necessary things.

Check The Power Cable

Before turning on your Apple TV, make sure it is plugged into power. And when it is powered on you will find the status light is flashing. If you can’t see the status light turned on, try the following thing.

  • Use your Remote to wake up your Apple TV
  • Unplug the power cord and wait for a few seconds or a minute and then plug it back again
  • Still, Apple TV not turning on? Try using a different power outlet
  • If you have plugged your Apple TV into a power strip, ensure that the power strip is turned on

Check The HDMI Cable

If you find the status light is flashing but still you can’t see a video or hear the sound, make sure you plugged your HDMI cable into your Apple TV and to any connected devices.

Switch To Another Display Mode

In some situations, users find there Apple TV showing a black screen or see the Apple logo. Try to change the video resolutions using the remote to fix the issue.

Not Enough Storage Space – Apple TV Won’t Turn On

You get a limited space on your Apple TV. If you have installed too many apps or games you may find that your Apple TV won’t turn on. Remove all those unused apps and games to solve the issue. It’s just a matter of few steps. Here are the steps you can follow…

  • Select the application you want to remove and long press on the trackpad until the icon starts to wiggle
  • Then, press the Play/Pause Button
  • Click Delete
  • Finally, Select the Delete icon once again to confirm

Are you having streaming problems on your Apple TV? Your Wi-Fi issues can be the reason behind your Apple TV streaming problems. Fix the issue following some easy hacks. If you want to go for any support then connect with our Apple Support Executives to fix any issues.

Fix- Apple TV Streaming Problem

The symptoms you get to see when you have issues with the Wi-Fi network is like this.

  • Apple TV not being able to join the network
  • Movies and other content shuttering due to connection flaw

Try these steps to fix the issue:

  • Open Settings and then navigate to Network  from there
  • Check if an IP Address shows up
  • If there is no IP address displayed then restart your Router and the Apple TV as well
  • Move your Wireless Router close to your TV

Still your Apple TV not working? Then there are no options left but seeking help from an expert. Connect with our Apple TV Support and talk to the chat assistants available at the Apple Live Chat Support Portal. They can help you fix the issues.