What Will You Do When The Apple Trackpad Not Working?

At times, you might find your Apple wireless trackpad is not working well. In that case, you are in the absolutely right place. Generally, this is a common problem of Mac devices. In this article, we are going to share some necessary steps to solve this Apple issue. Apple Trackpad repair is a very simple method that you can easily follow. Also, our Apple Customer Service team is always ready to give you the ultimate solutions all the time. So, let’s check out the methods in details.

Method 1: Boot into Safe Mode to Fix Apple Trackpad Not Working

This is the most common and unique method that you should try. At the very first, you have to totally shut down your Mac and then start it again. After that, you need to press the Shift key and restart your device. This way, you will enter the Safe Mode. Now, you should take note of what happens. It means, whether the Trackpad starts working again or not. If it is working, then you need to exit from the Safe Mode.

Method 2: Run Apple Diagnostics

If the previous process fails, then you should try this method. To begin with, you have to shut down your Mac and start your device again. Afterwards, you need to press the D key and you have to keep it down until you can see the Diagnostics screen appear.

After doing this, you have to wait for Diagnostics to finish its task. Generally, it takes less than two minutes. When the process is successfully done, the Diagnostics test does detect the errors and resolve them.

Method 3: Check for MacOS Updates

This is another essential method that you need to follow. Sometimes, Trackpad freezing problems can easily solve by updating the latest version of MacOS. So, to check the available updates for your Trackpad you need to go to the App store on your Mac device and find any updates are available or not.

Basically, you can find “Trackpad Firmware Update,” or something like that. Once you find it, then you need to give a click on the update button. After that, you need to follow the instructions which are showing on the screen.

Method 4: Check the Settings

If you are still getting the problem after updating, then you have to follow this method. In this step, click on the Apple icon from the top left corner of your computer screen. After that, you have to select the System Preferences from the menu list. When the system preference window will open to you, choose the Trackpad app to continue. After launching this app, the Apple mouse pad not working issue will be solved.

Method 5: By Checking your Mac’s Hardware

In this step, you have to check the battery level of the Trackpad. If you find that it is low, then you need to plug it into the power source. Moreover, you can also replace the batteries. In this way, you can also fix the problem.

Method 6: Try deleting Property List Files to Fix Apple Trackpad Not Working

This is another effective method that we are going to discuss. In this step, you need to open the Finder and then you have to click on the Go option. After that, you should go to the folder and then you have to enter “/Library/Preferences”. Click again on the Go option. After doing all these things, you need to search the directory for some files. You have to delete them all. After deleting, you need to restart your Mac device. Hope, the problem will be solved.

Method 7: By Resetting SMC

Generally, the system management controller or SMC can control your Mac device. So, if you are still getting the problem then you need to reset the SMC. After resetting, you can easily fix the problem. Basically, Apple wireless Trackpad not working problem is a common one. So, resetting SMC is the most essential method to fix this common issue permanently.

For MacBook Air & MacBook Pro

For these two particular devices, you need to shut down your Mac device and then plug it again. Then, you have to press the shift, control, option, and power key at the same time. Then, you need to release them. After doing all these things, you have to press the power button and turn on your device again.

For MacBook (Removable Battery) to Fix Apple Trackpad Not Working

For the MacBook with the removable battery, you need to shut down your device like earlier. Then, you have to remove the battery. After that, you have to press the power button and hold it for a few seconds. Now, you have to release it and install the battery into your computer and turn it on again.

Get Assistance from Apple Customer Service

So, we have discussed the top-most methods that will be helpful for you. Hope you can easily understand and follow the steps carefully. For further assistance, you should take help from our Apple Customer Support Service. We offer the best and reliable solutions for all kinds of Apple issue. So, get in touch with us to get the ultimate assistance. You can place a call at our Apple Customer Service Number +1-855-729-1098, send us an email or opt for the Live Chat option.