Get Easy Solution If Apple Pencil Not Working

Apple pencil is one of the creative devices developed by the company, especially for an artist. This helps to draw and sketch on the iPad Pro canvas. Many users use this Apple pencil to sketch on their iPad pro or it can also be used as a typing stick on the screen of your iPad. You can also take note with the help of this pencil. Despite all these good features, you may find some problem with your Apple pencil. Sometimes you may see that the Apple Pencil not working with your device.

As iPad pro is the most important thing and Apple pencil is also necessary to perform certain tasks, you need to eliminate the Apple pencil stopped working the problem as soon as possible.

Apple Pencil Connected But Not Working

It is good to know the reason behind any problem, this will help you to avoid the problem again in your device. There can be many reasons behind the Apple pencil not working. Some reasons are, as follows:

  • It may happen that the tip of the pencil is damaged due to some physical damages.
  • If the battery of the Apple Pencil is low.
  • Sometimes the pairing device may not work properly which may lead to this problem.

You can also fix the Apple pencil not working error by yourself. If you are not sure about the solution then follow the article and get an idea of how to fix the issue. Even after this solution part if you still have some question then you can connect with the Apple Support Team.

Apple Pencil not Working

Easy Fixes For Apple Pencil Not Working Errors

There can be multiple solutions to a single problem. You can fix the Apple Pencil not working problem in various ways. Our expert technicians have gone through the problem and given many ways to fix the issue with ease. Here we are going to describe some of the easiest ways by which you can fix the issue in just a few minutes.

Solution 1: Tip Of The Pencil

If you are using the Apple pencil on a regular basis, then your Apple pencil’s tip may be damaged due to overuse. In this case, you have to replace the tip of the pencil with a new one and then you can work again with your Apple pencil.

Solution 2: Charge Apple Pencil

If the charge of the battery gets drained then you can’t use the Apple pencil. Hence you may face the Apple Pencil not working problem. So if the battery is low, then charge it properly and use the Apple pencil again.

Solution 3: Reset Apple Pencil

Nowadays reboot is the easiest way to solve any problem related to any technology. If there is some problem with your Apple pencil then you can eliminate by doing a simple reboot operation.

Solution 4: Check The Pairing Device

To work properly Apple Pencil pairs with an iPad using Bluetooth. If there is any problem in the paired devices then you may face some problem like Apple Pencil not working. In this case, just turn off the Bluetooth of your iPad and then turn it back on again. When done, try to pair with the Apple pencil and after that. The problem should be eliminated.

Solution 5: Remove Malware

If you connect your Apple pencil with a virus affected device then it may happen that your Apple pencil gets damaged with the malware and refuse to work properly. In this case, you have to remove the virus or the malware from your Apple pencil by connecting to any device which has antivirus installed.

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Get In Touch Us For Instant Assistance

After going through the whole article if you are not able to fix the Apple pencil not working problem, then you need some proper assistance. For that reason, you can connect with the Apple Support Team. We have technicians well aware of all the problems related to all Apple devices. They all are well trained to handle this problem and they can also provide you with the best possible solutions.

You can contact us via our helpline number to avail our service. Moreover, you can also opt for our service by emailing us on the official email address [email protected] Furthermore, you can also use the online chat facility to talk with the technicians directly. Apple Customer Service experts are active 24*7, so whenever you had a problem you can connect with them.