Apple iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Max Witnessed another Manufacturing Issues

iPhone 12

Apple is about to release its iPhone 12 series this year. But, somehow, several expert analyses say that there are several manufacturing defects present in the device. In addition to that, the necessary tests also failed. That is why Apple re-ordered 5x more OLED panels from LG display. 

The manufacturing problems were seen when the device went through several tests like temperature, high humidity, crack test, and others. Thus, Apple might delay the launch of both the iPhone 12 and 12 Max. 

What is the Manufacturing Issue?

As you know the iPhone 12 and 12 Max are about to come to the commercial market. The manufacturing defect is identified as several cracks on camera coatings in the lenses. These are manufactured by another company named Genius Electronic Optical. 

Inside story of the Suppliers

The launch might get delayed because Genius Electronic Optical is not the only source of the camera parts. Several analysts have stated that a company named Largen supplies Apple with the same camera parts. But, the device isn’t facing any type of issue to them. 

Kuo, who is in charge of testing, doesn’t know when the Genius Electronic Optical will fix the problem. Moreover, he doesn’t expect them to slash down the price and then supply the rest of the items. Reports say that Genius Electronic Optical is believed to be working with Apple in the development of the Periscopic lens. This lens will someday feature on iPhone 14. 

Apple Speaks

Apple has officially stated that the release of the iPhones of 2020 will be delayed within a few weeks. That indicates that those people who are eagerly waiting for the release will have to wait till November, 2020. 

The supply chain of Apple was running on full-fledged but the COVID-19 situation disrupted the progress. As a result further delay took place. Apple also stated that they are trying to make up the lost orders from the other camera accessories suppliers. This can pose a negative impact on the profits as well as the launch schedule. 

People’s Expectations 

All the iPhone users are expecting to see four new iPhones this year. All the phones will be having sub-6GHz and mmWave 5G signals. A few research and analysis states that the upcoming phones will be having A14 Bionic chipset. The chipset’s process mode will be of 5nm. The chip will have 15 billion transistors and flip-flops. 

Analysis and Predictions

There has been a lot of research and analysis going on regarding the launch and issues with the iPhone 12. After studying them people are very much interested and curious whether Apple will repair the entire iPhone 12 family. In addition to that, they are curious about Apple focusing on expensive Pro units. The Pro units will be having LiDAR depth sensors. 

Apple launched it first on iPad Pro, a few months back. It’s actually the time-of-flight sensor that will be present on the device. The feature measures the time that is taken for the infrared rays. The rays will bounce off to the target subject and return to the device. This will allow users to capture photos with more enhanced bokeh blurs for portraits and AR capabilities. 

Experts are believing that the cracks on the camera coatings will be recovered by the Genius Electronic Optical very soon. If the test succeeds, then the new iPhone 12 and 12 Max will perform at its peak, even at high temperatures as well as amid humidity. A certain analysis states that Apple will also launch several other iPhone models of 5.4 inches and 6.7 inches later.