Troubleshoot Apple iCloud Login Errors Manually

Don’t get frustrated if you can’t do Apple iCloud Login. There are a number of users who are encountering the same problem with their device. 

Due to the misconfiguration between your device and iColud server, this problem occurs. But it is not too challenging to solve the problem. You can easily get rid of the issue by applying some simple methods.

Keeping that in the mind, here we are going to illustrate some easy-going methods that can reliably resolve the problem for you. 

Hence, try to follow this informative guide to the end. You will definitely find more than one hacks that will ease your work.

Proven Methods if you Can’t Do Apple iCloud Login:

Here are some useful ways using which you will be surely able to fix this problem permanently. So, go through the provided tricks mentioned below exactly as directed below.

Before going to the methods you must know the process to sign into iCloud.

For iPhone, iPad, and iPod:

  • First, navigate to the Settings option.
  • After that, click on Sign in.
  • Now, you have to enter your Apple ID and password properly.
  • Provide the six-digit verification code in case you shield your account with two-factor authentication code. Finally, finish the sign-in process.

For Mac Users:

First of all, navigate to the System Preferences option by clicking on it. After that, select the iCloud option and provide your Apple ID and password. Be cautious while giving the password. Finally, tap on the Sign In icon.

What to do if you Find Apple iCloud Login Not Working Issue?

Have a look at the next section if you are facing any issue related to login.

Verify iCloud Server and Check the Faults to Do Apple iCloud Login

Due to the Apple server issue, you might not be able to sign into iCloud. Follow the steps to get rid of such a problem.

All you need to do is to check the status of the Apple servers. If you find that the sites are down, then keep waiting until the servers start working automatically.

Quit all iCloud Application

Try to close the iCloud application and restart your device for the first time. For closing the application, you just need to left-click on those applications and then click on the Quit icon.

After completing the process, restart your device. Follow the steps to restart the device.

First of all, you need to click on the Apple icon that is located at the Home screen of the device.

After that, select the Restart icon and wait until the device starts automatically.

Remove iCloud Configuration Files

First, navigate to the Go to Folder icon and click on it. After that, you need to enter the path that is given below:

“~/Library?Application Support/iCloud/Accounts/.”

After doing this, you need to transfer all the files to another location from where you can easily get them back. Then, empty this folder and also restart the device.

Now, you will be prompted to log in to the iColud. Thereafter, provide the correct username and password to proceed to the further step.

Sign-out and Sign-in to iCloud Account

When all the methods failed to solve the issue, then log out from the iCloud account and reboot your device. After that, log in back to the account and follow the steps cited hereunder.

  • First of all, go to the Apple Menu and select System Preferences.
  • Then, choose the iCloud option and click on Sign Out as well.
  • After that, reboot your device once more.
  • When your system turns on, then go back to the iCloud Preferences Panel and log in to the credentials as usual.
  • At last, verify if you are facing any trouble or not.

We expect that the entire article can be profitable for you if you follow these simple methods given above. But in case, if you are aware of any other steps, then you can post them as your valuable comments in the section below.

In addition, consulting with an expert can also be a smart decision to fix the error without much trouble.